Different types of explainer video styles that you can use for your business

Last Updated on May 30, 2024

Explainer videos are an effective marketing tool for any business. Explainer videos are short! But a great option for video marketing campaigns. So… what kind of explainer video should you choose for your marketing? Errr… What??? You thought there was only one kind? The ‘animated’ kind? Sorry to break it to you (or not!)… But there are more than one variety of this ‘animated kind’ of video that you can go for… In fact you see, you are spoilt for choice. Sounds interesting? Go ahead… It gets better!

1. Character-based 2d animation:

Now, this has to be my favorite. I love the animation with stories especially the one with characters. They are fun, quirky, upbeat and importantly oh-so-cool! Using a cartoon protagonist to explain your product or service ensures that your target audience do not start snoring in the middle of it all! (Have I talked about short attention spans before?) The complex ideas and serious business concepts can be explained in such an engaging manner that your audience will be hooked! Such videos can be in either 2D animated explainer video or 3D explainer video or Hybrid.

Such explainer videos are effective. For starters, check this out for 2d animated video example:

The Character animation in this video is cool!

2. Kinetic Typography:

Kinetic Typography is just another sophisticated name for animation with moving texts. It is an animation technique that mixes motion and text to express an idea and to evoke an emotion or a particular idea. They sound pretty straight-forward, don’t they? But do not underestimate the power of such videos. Remember the video ‘The Girl Effect’ which took the whole world by storm, which shook your insides and forced you to sit and think, which got you reaching for tissues? That’s perhaps the best example we have but since we have already mentioned in umpteen times in our blogs because we so love it… we decided to give you a break so check this out instead:

3. Motion graphics animated explainer video:

2D motion graphics video is a popular type of explainer video.

The definition first: Motion Graphics are animated videos that use video footage and/ or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. A motion graphics explainer video is a dynamic and engaging way to convey information or explain a concept. There are many types of MoGraph videos. It can be either 2D animated or 3D animated.

Of course, I flicked that definition and content from Wikipedia and Google! But you get the flow right! Now, time for our example video. Check out the motion graphics video below to get a good idea of what I am talking… Ahem… Wikipedia is talking about!

We served clients from


4. Stop-motion animation explainer video style:

Stop-motion animation is one of the hottest areas in the animation market right now. This style of explainer is very unique. With this technique, you can breathe life into inanimate things and let your imagination go wild! It works by shooting a single frame of an object, then moving the object slightly and then shooting another frame. This video type creates an illusion of fluid motion as if the object is moving. For example – Check out our favourite video:

5. Whiteboard animation:

In case you are looking for lengthier videos, your best bet could be the whiteboard animation videos. Obviously, I do not have to explain it. It is a no-brainer that a whiteboard explainer video deals with drawings on a whiteboard in the form of creative drawings or stories and I am sure you have come across a lot of examples. But just in case, here goes our example video to make the understanding all the easier.

6. Live-action explainer video:

Again, explaining a live action explainer is as easy as eating your pie (the crumbs and crusts included!). Do you want people talking about their experiences? Get them to talk and make a live action video on the go… Simple! These work best when you want to connect to the audience man-to-man or errr… woman-to-woman or whatever!!

So check out our example of a live-action video below:

7. Screencast explainer video:

A screencast video is a type of video that demonstrates how to use software, website, or app by capturing the screen and recording the actions performed. It is an effective way to guide users through a process and showcase the features and functionality of a product. Businesses choose screencast explainer videos for the demo of their product or service. This style of animation is often a combination of recorded footage with minimal animation and motion graphics, making it a cost-effective and efficient option.

What type of explainer video should you make?

Explainer videos come in a variety of styles, each offering a unique approach to conveying your message effectively. From whiteboard videos to character animation, there are numerous options to choose from when creating an explainer video for your business. Throughout this blog, we explored the top 7 types of explainer videos, including 2D animated, character animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, live action, screencast, stop motion and more.

By showcasing explainer video examples, we discovered that these videos are not only short but also incredibly impactful in capturing viewers’ attention. Whether you opt for the traditional 2D character animation or the more realistic 3D animated video, both styles have their merits. While 2D videos employ flat and illustrative approach, 3D videos are more realistic.

So by going through our blog of explainer videos with examples, you would have understood that there are many effective types of explainer videos. So, with so many styles to choose from, which type of explainer video you should go for? In the end, it is about your gut feeling.

If you think one type of video works best for your business, go for it! Experiment with new types if you are confused! And if you are totally clueless – consider reaching out to an explainer video agency in Mumbai for professional guidance. Ask an expert!!!

You see, we are always there.

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