Which type of explainer video should you choose?

So… what type of explainer video should you choose for your marketing? Errr… What??? You thought there was only one kind? The ‘animated’ kind? Sorry to break it to you (or not!)… But there are more than one variety of this ‘animated kind’ of video that you can go for… In fact you see, you are spoilt for choice. Sounds interesting? Go ahead… It gets better!

1. Character Based Animation:

Now, this has to be my favorite. I love the animation with stories especially the one with characters. They are fun, quirky, upbeat and importantly oh-so-cool! Using a cartoon protagonist to explain your product ensures that your audience do not start snoring in the middle of it all! (Have I talked about short attention spans before?) The complex ideas and serious business concepts can be explained in such an engaging manner that your audience will be hooked! For starters, check this out for example:

You see the temptation right? Whether your six year old can spell ‘Flexible Talent Management Solution’ correctly or not, he would surely remember what Wizzki is about! So if you want your difficult-to-understand product to be explained in terms that even a six-year old can understand, this type of explainer video could be your best bet!

2. Kinetic Typography:

Kinetic Typography is just another sophisticated name for animation with moving texts. It is an animation technique that mixes motion and text to express an idea and to evoke an emotion or a particular idea. They sound pretty straight-forward, don’t they? But do not underestimate the power of such videos. Remember the video ‘The Girl Effect’ which took the whole world by storm, which shook your insides and forced you to sit and think, which got you reaching for tissues? That’s perhaps the best example we have but since we have already mentioned in umpteen times in our blogs because we so love it… we decided to give you a break so check this out instead:

What do you think? So do you want to be an entrepreneur or a kid who thinks nothing is impossible? Both, I guess…

3. Motion Graphics:

The definition first: Motion Graphics are animation graphics videos that use video footage and/ or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia project. Of course, I flicked that definition from Wikipedia! But you get the flow right! Now, time for our example video. Check out the video below to get a good idea on what I am talking… Ahemm… Wikipedia is talking about!

4. Stop Motion:

Stop motion animation is one of the hottest areas in the animation market right now. With this technique, you can breathe life into inanimate things and let your imagination go wild! It works by shooting a single frame of an object, then moving the object slightly and then shooting another frame. This creates an illusion of fluid motion as if the object is moving. For example – Check out our favourite video:

Did we already mention it? Quite possible! Obviously, we love our lists…

5. White Board Animation:

Incase you are looking for lengthier videos, your best bet could be the white board animation videos. Obviously, I do not have to explain it. It is a no-brainer than a white board animation deals with drawings on white board in form of creative drawings or story and I am sure you have come across a lot of examples. But just in case, here goes our example video to make the understanding all the more easier.

This type of explainer video works best for explaining of concepts or training materials. Learning would have been so much fun if we had these instead of books during our Junior cert or even Senior Cert in fact… Agreed?

6. Live Shot Explainers:

Again, explaining live shot explainers are as easy as eating your pie (the crumbs and crusts included!). You want people talking about their experiences? Get them to talk and make a video on the go… Simple! These work best when you want to connect to the audience man-to-man or errr… woman-to-woman or whatever!! So check out our example video:

So, with so many styles to choose from, which type of explainer video you should go for? In the end, it is about your gut feeling. If you think one type of video works best for your business, go for it! Experiment with new types if you are confused! And if you are totally clueless – ask an expert!!! You see, we are always there…

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