The art of B2B and B2C explainer videos

B2C vs B2B explainer video

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

What the blazes is B2C and B2B Explainer video??!! No,really anything with the word “business” in it scares the bejeezus out of me. If you are anything like me, it will take a few seconds for your brain to supply that B2B is business-to-business and B2C is business-to-consumer.

And then ANOTHER 10 minutes to come up with examples for each. But seriously, if you are making an explainer video, you cannot afford to not know the distinction. Because the most important part of explainer videos, or any explanation for that matter is: who is receiving the information? Well! That almost inconspicuous detail there, makes a whole lot of of difference. Humongous difference, you see! So instead of going about in circles trying to elaborate the whole scene and testing my word prowess while I am at it (temptingly so!), let me just get to the business at hand!

B2B Explainer video

A B2B explainer video, as the name itself is suggestive, is a video which is created primarily to pitch your products to other businesses. This has to be done in a straight-forward manner because it is tailored to suit the needs of a particular set of crowd that is actually looking for a solution that your product is capable of delivering. Your audience is limited and they would know what you are talking about! So you can use technical terms instead of worrying your pretty little head about trying to decode everything in layman’s terms. (Ah, what a relief!) The profile of your audience is also known which makes everything a wee bit easier. Let’s say, for example, that your product can only be used by the Human Resource team. There it is: You have already recognised your target audience. So all you need to do, is make a video that they understand. Rest of the audience do not really matter (at least not from the creative perspective!).

Zipstack-Cloud Data Stack – 2D Animated Explainer Video

What is any explanation worth, without an example? So, let’s check out this video created for Zip Stack.

Did you pay attention? If you have, you can skip this paragraph. Hey, wait a minute! I was just kidding. But no worries, because the video relays exactly whatever needs to be communicated to the target audience – Data engineers, in this case. The video, as you have already noticed, is strongly driven to the point. It doesn’t have any extra fluff or unnecessary props that might waver your attention even for a second.

B2C Explainer video

So, how does that make B2C concept of creating explainer videos different? Well, understandably, you are trying to reach out to a larger audience for one. You have to use your brain power to make the script as easy as possible because it will absorbed by an audience who may or may not have any technical knowledge. The video has to be as creative as possible since it has to appeal to a wider spectrum of people with varied interests and requirements. There is no need to dwell upon the product features too much as far as its uses are clear. For example – say, you are making a video for a company that sells vacuum cleaners, you cannot put the audience in one category. Yeah, housewives can contribute as a big slice of target audience but it is not limited to them alone. Think of hotel cleaners, pet owners,carpet industries to mention a few. Or say, it is a video about bridal wear, you might not even be the target audience but you can still watch the video and pass it along to someone who is getting hitched soon! Oh surely, they will thank you for it!

Now, check out this video for example. It was done for the client DSP Mutual Funds.

DSP Mutual Funds – B2C Animated Explainer video

Regardless of whether your video is B2B or B2C, it is necessary that it is entertaining! B2C videos, more so, because it competes with myriad other mediums to find a voice. But let these details not complicate anything at all. It is simpler than it looks. The bottom line is: As far as your video sells your product, it is spot on!

But before I move on to other things, let me leave you with one more video, for no particular reason! Is it B2C and B2b Explainer video, you ask? Go figure!

Atom Finance – Motion graphics explainer video
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