Top Five Creative Explainer Videos

Understandably, when we are working with explainer videos every single day at Mypromovideos, we definitely dig around for a lot of inspirations! And with all that digging around happening every day over a long period of time (read years of sifting through YouTube and Vimeo videos!), we have a pretty long list of our most favorite creative explainer videos tucked safely in a safe place (now that’s a secret!).

Since we know that a little generosity never hurt anyone, we decided that it was finally time to share the best with the world. (The best as we see it!) After all, everybody could do with a dollop of inspiration now and then! Besides, even if you aren’t particularly looking for inspiration, you could always enjoy an animated video. No one ever said no to cartoons! Not anyone that we know of, anyway!

We have rummaged through our favorites list and picked up five best and most creative videos that we have come across and prepared this list of awesomeness. Be warned: Read along only if you have enough time to relish. This is going to take a while!

But before we actually start, we would also like to let you know what, in our opinion, makes a good explainer video. Well… A good script for starts! We are also obsessive about the quality of the animation, music, voiceover, effectiveness and ability of the video to capture our incredibly short attention spans in as few words as possible!
And these videos in our list are winners hands down! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down already, will you?

5. Google Plus : If you have already heard of Epipheo, we must mention that we are SO in love with those guys! (Somebody please pass on the message for our sake! Epipheo, are you listening?) Now, check this very creative explainer video out…

In fact, all the videos made for Google by Epipheo are awesome! Need I tell you why, now that you have already watched it? But for the benefit of the few who failed to ‘get’ it, May I ask if you ‘got’ what Google Plus is… even if your technical knowledge is in the negative zone (which is like lesser than zero!)?
See! That’s exactly what I talking about… It is a part of their awesomeness, their ability to make a layman understand a product like a pro would! Not to mention the simple but powerful visuals that is enough to keep you gaping till the video ends. ‘Got’ it now?

4. X -Box : Now, check the next one out in our list… this one with the right dose of creative awesomeness.

Yeah, don’t tell me! I know you liked it! Just a simple stop motion video, not a single word uttered… no voiceover but just background music with a nice feel to it and Kazzoom… The magic has been created! And because I was so taken by this video, I had to do some background on it so I came up with another really cool video by the creators who created the Skully and clay version of Shrek and Spidey (You get the flow right?) on how the entire video was made. And even though they claimed it took them three and a half years which I admit is a bit unconvincing but whatever, we loved it! And that’s all that matters! So check out the making of the previous video:

3. Crazy Egg : Now, let’s move on to the next one because if I don’t, I might keep yapping on and on and get diverted from the topic at hand. So let’s watch the next one on our list. This video was done for ‘Crazy Egg’ and was created by Demo Duck – the third one on our ‘Best Five’ list.

The visuals took our breath away, as did the script. Need we say that the choice of the background music was perfect too? With a clear and concise approach to explaining the product and an offbeat imagination by the animator, the video clearly stands out from the heap of animation videos in the market. I must mention that I loved the confidence with which the ‘call for action’ was executed at the end of script. Yeah, that’s important too!

2. Padmapper : Now, check this out… One of the most precious videos created by Grumomedia, another regular favorite of ours!

It’s a simple video but it effectively puts across a condensed message without batting an eyelid! Now… that must amount to something, right? In fact, let’s admit it, that video is sheer genius! You can easily visualize what they exactly meant at 0.05 without even having uttered the right words! No profanity and still hilarious. That’s what we call – having the cake and eating it too! The script is super-awesome and the animation is a perfect compliment. Ah! I am already feeling inspired… Time for some yoga to calm down… Or maybe not! Let’s move on to the next explainer video…

1. Thinknum :

We loved the music. We loved the character. We loved the script and we loved the voiceover. There is so much palpable energy in there! To top it all, it is creative in a way that it emulates an 8-bit game environment too! What’s there not to like??? Need we tell you who created this video? We weren’t meaning to cheat but it’s by Epipheo again! We just couldn’t resist sharing it!

Hope you enjoyed watching our favorite explainer videos as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you! And because I feel so fresh now, I am going to find sitting still to perform any yoga acrobatics, next to impossible. So, let’s get to the point!

Even though I am trying not to gloat, do check out our favorite video done at our very own office and let us know if it created magic for you… Because folks, allow us to admit it, we are so in love with this one, too! So, what are you waiting for? Click on that play button, already!

In house Favorite : Appwrapper

You liked it? Let us know… And yeah, wait… Don’t go away yet!

Stay tuned because we have an interesting surprise coming next in series… Any guesses yet? Nope… I am not giving away any clue either! Except: Wait for our next blog and you won’t regret!

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