Top five explainer videos that errr…. didn’t agree with us!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Now, this must be interesting right? After singing hallelujah for so many explainer videos which we have come across during our amazing journey, you must have wondered if we have the ‘worst five’ list with us… Of course, we do! Though we wouldn’t keep them in the ‘worst list’, we could say these videos could have done better with some improvement and expert help! Probably these videos were made by start-ups who might be a major force to reckon with today, but a list is a list so without much ado, let me get started.

Check out this one!
5. Washington Realtors :

The white board animation is fair quality, no doubt about that! But really, the script??? This is more like a story with dialogues read out… The scriptwriter probably took his story writing skills too seriously! And those wordings on the screen, were they written with a paint brush?

For now, I would let it slide. Probably because, it has the quality of 1860’s, I guess sophisticated fonts were not developed by then! Or probably the video makers were angry with the client and decided to take it out on him… Or maybe, the animation guys were given tight deadlines! (Ah, the horror of tight deadlines… Trust me, I can tell you stories about it! But let’s keep it for some other day.) By the way, I am just speculating… The reason could have been anything from inexperience to tight budget.

But we have more important things to move on to, so let’s check out this one!

4. Techboom :

A considerable improvement in quality of the video I should admit especially the animation. But what is the tree doing in the first few precious seconds of the video? Imagine you are a tree?!!! Now that’s an imagination gone wild! And with no real impact… What a waste of audience energy! Nah, sorry to say this guys but we really don’t approve of that script either! Ok, so let’s give these guys a break! Because we would also like you to know that some of their latest videos are really good.

That said, let’s check out the next in our series:

3. Job search ninja :

I disagree with such a negative beginning. No, the mystery isn’t appealing either even though I can make a fair guess that the scriptwriter was counting on that. I love the animation, the creativity and the music too but the whole video could have been executed better. The idea of job search “ninja” isn’t creating the impact it was supposed to create. It is like a comic character in a movie you don’t much care about. What do you say?

Moving on to the next in our series, look at what we have next in line for you:

2. Cravendale last glass :

I know what you are thinking… Thank god! It was not even a minute. I like the animation, of course. But they sound like a bunch of squealing kids. And no, I do not have much patience with that, frankly! What were they doing, rotating around with the music for? To get more milk? Makes no sense to me! And seriously, the audience needs to see whatever makes sense. The kids aren’t going to operate YouTube… errr… Not at least for the next twenty years at least… Hopefully!

And before I start talking about the kids and how they are growing faster than we want them to grow, let us check the last video in our list.

1. Gab video :

Now clearly, this must be the lowest quality explainer video done. But they certainly have a good excuse: it is low budget so don’t expect anybody better than amateurs to handle it! You see, you get good quality stuff when you are ready to pay for it. Need I explain to you why there are only 150 views for this video even after more than one and a half years of posting it on YouTube? I guess not… Sometimes statistics can be really important like now!

Some more errrs!!

These videos too could have been better! Listing a few more examples below

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Video

This video attempts to illustrate the capabilities of the BGGoPlan® mobile app. However, the execution falls short in terms of quality. The idea of Zombies were good. Though the illustrations were okayish but animation could have been way better.


This video has good illustrations and characters. But the animations are not exciting and engaging. With better animations, this video would have been effective.

What Is Pinterest?

This is actually a very good video. The animations were super cool. If the illustrations were bettered. It would have been an outstanding video.

SMART Logistics

This video has good illustrations, iconography and animations. Our opinion is that this video had more potential for an even better execution.

A note of importance: This is a purely personal view and not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings. As a concern with experience, we believe in being positive about pointing out the errors. Similarly, we welcome opinions on the videos that we have created so far because we truly believe that it could help us get better. So, brickbats or roses, we are ready for you! Let it come…

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