Inspiration Treasure Chest:Top five Facebook pages to keep animators inspired


So, you are an animator? And like every other creative person alive in the planet, you need your dose of daily inspirations to quench your creative  yearnings… But with the advent of internet in such  an unprecedented manner, one is always (I repeat, always!) spoilt for choice. So what would be the best way to go ahead with the search? You are right! Social networking sites… And what better way than Facebook to find the best places that are keeping other animators around the globe interested? So, here we are, ready to introduce you to five of the most inspiring pages on Facebook  (other than the obvious Walt Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros.). We are sure you might have not even heard about some of them yet!  Each of these pages are examples of sheer awesomeness  and  promises to indulge  you with some impressive updates… If you think this is just another personal favourites listing, you must check out their fan base! We will let the numbers talk the talk…

Animation Films –

This Facebook page is a fantabulous storehouse of information  for the incorrigible movie buff hiding inside you. While one can keep abreast of information on the latest animation flicks on this page, it is also a  wonderful repository of clips, collection of posters and movie updates… Not only that, you can even discuss your favourite movies with other like-minded mortals.  Promising, eh?HxK6fwp9WU N3ZHHZe2KAQMnliKiizc44fuzq2XgG6GD7FCx3py1cJbEkt5 UdCXnBJMRZm8EuUIHlj9aLKZTXwZFN 360W5xVK8KxdmShnlb  7oCR28uQhYw

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What has an online learning company got to do in this discussion? Lots, trust me!  Because this is no ordinary page despite its very unpretentious(read boring!) layout. Not only does the page impart gyaan on various topics ranging from logos to photography to 3D printing, it  even gives you tips on management, software tools, photoshop, AutoCAD, illustrations, video portfolios, you name it!  It even pushes you to get creative with online assignments. Give it a go… You will love it! We promise.E 2nQ3CJm6IDJgyXdtvBQeeI1xEbClArxKaNGBB1qhg2GdpkmvS8nzRIf08QwfBFALdREL1SZn242Qk1xpOPF9JE 0ArpTCfDahLxF6b0MHjk0FbUQ7pKDQhmQ –

In their own words, this page is an online gaming, animations and Vfx reporter.  Our very own desi page for animators, it updates job openings for  people who are interested in this field and hence, is very helpful. From body arts,  advert posters, fruit arts, trailers, visual effects – there is no knowing what update they might interest us with, next.  If you think animation is the only way for animators to get creative, check this page out! You will be surprised. A word of caution : Keep a pen and paper handy when surfing the page. You  do not want to risk being unprepared when a bout of inspiration unexpectedly kicks  in.FUcrS Ae5JZlw6FPbBD3hIgoIJLTX2N3PDJ9YAr MWlHfsCm3Ib2Ix8kXE54Xk4UZy2CdhhHm0f9qy3S71WSRPQ4Oy8GjgowLXso9W5RkN0wAgR1prkaK30j A

3D Animation Helpline–

This is Helpline3D’s official facebook page. From drawings that makes you wonder if they are real to  a more down-to-earth updates on job openings, this page is  a feast for eyes. There are, of course,  movie trailers, posters,  storyboard to visual output charts, Visual effect breakdown of famous movies – enough to keep you engaged in your creative pursuits!  One heckuva page, I tell ya!3z7qQl6oB XLiVm5NCulGRYnHD7phWG2yyN2iEmriA VuMt4B1B0acediac OmYorFugsAN94sanPIqQTuc97Bi5Wko8ripQey8ESd4bCLotUAHBRl9DcHXIrg

AnimSchool –

This facebook page is more like a guide which covers so much on various facets of animation that it is mind blowing. From clips that covers facial rigging to environmental modelling, there is so much to find here.  Samples of animations created by newbies and students are regularly uploaded to keep your  creative spark alive and kicking. One thing is sure: You will end up taking in more than you can chew!SxnfH6fuxbsNuTnKtaNsgUEw2cfg PPaJUcZW75puRad7nROn8mrsDLEtK007JscXR0rz5Nuzykc1siq7F65Cg4DTAa2 U5MvGTqi XE5 NVj6LGxLAFYswUxQ

There may be more pages out there which we have failed to mention but we believe that our list more than makes up for the lag. If you have any favourite pages that we have overlooked, we would like to hear from you. Till then, let’s animspire!

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