9 Must-have strategies for your B2B video content

Must-Have Strategies For Your B2B Video Content

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

No B2B marketing strategy is complete without B2B videos but did you know that there are multiple ways in which you can use videos? Explainers are awesome,  but that’s just one way of using your marketing videos. Come, let us explore various ways to improve your B2B video content marketing strategy by exploring the various avenues in which you can use videos.

1.Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is a great starting point for most videos, including B2B videos. Yes, there are other platforms too, like vimeo, wistia, hippo, and many others but there is no denying that Youtube has many advantages that simply cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to increasing your page ranking in Google search results. Yes, you can use it to improve SEO, target specific groups or appeal to large audiences, explain yourself better and so much more. 

2. Include videos in your social media campaigns

Today we simply cannot imagine a marketing campaign that does not include social media. And videos work wonders in the social media world. That is why including your B2B video seamlessly into your social media should take priority. You can even fine-tune your videos according to the medium you are using like more business-tips-related videos for LinkedIn, short and to-the-point videos for twitter, longer heart-warming videos for Facebook.

3. Update Your Customers With Videos

From launches to webinars to events to awards, there is a lot that an enterprise does. As a B2B marketer, you would like your customers and potential customers to know about it all. But honestly, your customers are busy, they may not have the time to read through all your updates. That’s why creating a video highlighting and recapping the events helps. It can match tempo with the rest of your branding and can also be something your customers can go back to when they have time.

4. Create Company Story Videos

When your customers are other businesses, they like to know what you are all about. Will they be comfortable with you? Is your journey similar to theirs? Will you be able to understand their needs? Are your goals and aspirations aligned? When you make a B2B video that tells the story of your journey, or what you do, you help bring the confidence into other businesses to work with you. 

You may also want to check out our page dedicated to Company Story Videos to know more about the topic.

5. Showcase Testimonials

Your product is extraordinary, and your customers that have used it will vouch for it. But how do you convince the customers that have never used your product? Well, testimonial videos are a great way to do it. Customers generally like it when they feel that others in their line of business have tried the product and found it useful. Honest testimonial videos should definitely form a part of your B2B video content strategy.

Here’s how we used testimonial video: 


6.Explain with Explainer videos

Explainer videos are what explain what you do- your product, or your service. There are all types of videos out there that claim to be explainers, but not every animated video or advertisement can claim to be an explainer. Tohttps://mypromovideos.com/blog/type-of-explainer-video-you-should-choose/ be an explainer the video has to 

  • Clearly explain the pain point
  • Put forth a solution
  • Engage the audience
  • Be short and to the point
  • Be relevant

Animated explainer videos have been dominating the industry for ages because they work wonders when it comes to engaging audiences. You may want to take a look at our page on Explainer videos to see how you can make this type of B2B video work for you. 


7.Produce Case Study Videos

Just like Company Story videos, case study videos help ensure your customers that they are in the right company when it comes to you.  You can show that you are the experts, you care and you will do what you can’t to make their lives easier. It is not just a marketing strategy, it goes to the heart of how you work.


8.Engage your audience all through the year

Your B2B video strategy includes your Youtube channel and your social media pages. Great! But what do you fill it with? Make topical videos- current affairs, festivals seasons, all are great starting points. You could also try showcasing different aspects of your products and releasing them as short videos. 

Here is a short video we released for New Year:


9. Repurpose your content

It is not essential to create new content all the time. Make videos that can work even in parts, see how you can edit your videos, include them as gifs, make posters and infographics out of them, release blogs on the topic, and more. Some videos work only during certain times of the year, like financial year-end, well, you could recycle the same video for a few more years with a little smart editing. B2B video content stargazing includes a lot of smart work, and as videos can be edited, they open up a whole new window of possibilities.

We know, getting all of this done is not an easy task. That’s why having a team with expertise helps.

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Do you need help with coming up with B2B videos? We can work together with you like an extended team that produces videos for you. Do contact us, for more information.

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