21 Top FinTech Animated Explainers 2023 Update

Top FinTech Animated Explainers

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

A FinTech Animated Explainer not only helps to establish your brand but also helps in creating a better connection with your customers. Often people run helter-skelter at the mention of anything related to Finance, but an explainer engages. It also simplifies the content. Creative motion graphics and animated content energize your message and ensure that the audience is more receptive to it. So many FinTech videos indicate that many have realized that this is a very effective marketing tool,  and are using explainers effectively. Looking for some inspiration? Presenting 21 best FinTech Animated Explainer videos.

Looking to establish your startup or financial services company with a powerful marketing tool? Look no further than an explainer video. Not only does an explainer videos simplify complex financial topics, it also helps to engage your target audience and make a lasting impression. In 2023, video marketing and explainers are essential components of any successful fintech marketing campaign.

There are countless benefits to using an explainer video to showcase your fintech products and services. Many companies have already recognized the power of animated video content, and are using it to great effect. To get inspiration for your own explainer video, check out these 21 top fintech videos. This list is in no particular order and includes examples from companies like Adyen, Kraken, Klarna, Bank of Queensland, and Royal Bank of Canada.

Explainer videos are the perfect way to showcase the benefits of using your fintech product or service. Whether you’re changing the way people make money transfers, using blockchain technology, or offering mobile payment solutions, an explainer can simplify even the most complicated financial topics. By integrating different animation techniques and storytelling, you can create an awesome explainer video that resonates with your target audience and puts your product or service in the spotlight.

In 2022 and beyond, explainer videos will continue to be a vital tool for startups and established finance industry players alike. Video production companies and animators can help you create a compelling story that showcases your unique selling proposition and addresses your potential customers’ pain points. Explainer videos to inspire are everywhere, and even the most static content can be brought to life with the right voice-over and motion graphics. Whether you’re a B2B marketer or targeting personal finance customers, an explainer video is a great way to make a lasting impression.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s another example of a fintech explainer video that does a great job explaining complex concepts in a simple and to the point manner. Paypal’s animated fintech video shows how their platform offers a solution to the complicated financial world. This video puts the focus on the benefits of using their product, rather than getting bogged down in technical details.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a startup or an established finance company, an explainer video can help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Use animation to showcase your products and services, and make your video as compelling and memorable as possible. With the right voiceover and motion graphics, even the most complicated financial topics can be simplified and presented in a way that resonates with your target audience. Vancity and other successful fintech companies have already reaped the benefits of using explainer videos, so why not join them today?

Oh yes, before we start, a small disclaimer- this list is in no particular order. Also, you may want to check out our FinTech page. Let’s begin 🙂

1.Visa AI

FinTech videos have to stand out in a competitive market. Your explainer video needs to look as stylish and attractive as your brand. How to achieve it? VISA AI’s graphics video is a wonderful example. The visualizations and graphics are as cutting edge as the product itself.

2. Aviva Life Insurance

This explainer video is a great example of how FinTech videos can gain customer trust. The clean simple design elements used in the Insurance video communicate that the brand is straightforward. The explanation too, is in plain-speak, immediately striking a warm familiarity with the customer. This is one of the best fintech videos to watch.

3. Tinkoff Bank

The first thing that strikes you about this explainer video is the lighting, it brightens the video. This finance explainer video is beautiful. It’s semi-realistic illustrations feel fresh and sunny. You are left with this warm, good feeling for the bank itself.

4. Comdirect Bank

Can FinTech videos use abstractions? Yes, and do a kickass job of it too! Check out Comdirect Bank’s, one of the best explainer videos if you need pointers. Everything from “make money grow” to “round-the-clock” are cliches done to death. This video has found ways to express these same things, without using any words, all through abstract objects. How innovative is that? Wow!

5. PayPal

Paypal is more than a bank. We know it. But how do we express it in a visually memorable way? This explainer video shows just how. It follows the narrative of the lead character to show how PayPal helps all through the journey. Even though it is 3D, on the first look it can easily pass off as a paper cut animation or stop motion. Full points on the innovative use of tech!

6. Mint.com

This has always been one of the best Fin-Tech motion graphics animation videos ever. Every scene is well thought out, the design elements are well-nuanced, the deft use of action bubble-like lines makes the video look very sophisticated. Make sure you don’t miss this one!

7.Illinois Mutual

As this explainer video from Illinois Mutual clearly indicates, you can speak on a serious topic and still use animation. Thin line animation is perfect for topics such as this. Minimal designs, with clear conceptualization, helps get this video to earn a place in our list.

8. Oscar

Looking for a cute fintech explainer video? Here is a route you could take. The interfaces are neatly integrated into the story flow. The explainer itself is pretty straightforward, and the music upbeat. All-in-all a pretty little video.

9. AOPA Credit Card

This Animated Explainer is a no-nonsense, no beating-around-the-bush affair. It is smart, peppy, and informative. And definitely creates an impact.

10. Bank of Queensland

Is it possible to love a bank? That is the premise this video is built around. Most people would not be able to imagine such a scenario, and here they humorously show how all kinds of love exist…why not love for a bank. Everything from the concept to the characterization is excellent in this FinTech video.

11. K Bank

You may or may not understand a word of what is being said in this video, but the communication still gets done. Smart motion graphics, energetic music and sound effects, fun visuals and a lot more go into making this one of the most spunky Fin-Tech videos out there!

12. The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Making effective educational FinTech videos is pretty challenging. And if you are wondering how to go about it, this video is a great place to begin. It speaks to the viewer at their level, and even though eleven minutes is pretty long in this category of videos, you stay interested. And that’s what every educational video wants, right?

13. Aqua Credit card

Here’s a fresh new approach to combining animation with live footage. The character is cute and adorable. It blends perfectly with the storyline and the visuals of the video.

14. Leaseplan Bank

A little quirky, a little extraordinary, this FinTech animated explainer is a balance of several traits and it still manages to create an impact. The 3D elements are used with intelligence. This strange little video is especially strange for this list of FinTech videos. But we like that about it. We’re gonna keep it 🙂

15. Bank COOP

This video is for ecological funds and the messaging couldn’t be better. They show animated origami animals, but instead of paper, we see currency notes. Really, so much planning has gone into this video that even if it were not for the FinTech category, this video stands out.

16. Vancity

If you are looking for motion graphics that are “wow” and truly blow your mind aways, look no further. This video is really on a class of its oven. Seamless transitions, attractive colors, top-notch messaging…yes, it has it all!

17.Standard Bank

This one more example of animation in stop motion style. The city that’s created is breathtaking. Every small detail is well throughout. The sync with narration is precise. The entire range of ways in which the bank helps an everyday person is brought out perfectly.

18. Royal Bank Of Canada

“A thing of beauty is joy forever,” said Keats. And oh boy! Is this video a thing of beauty! It is sheer poetry in motion. It is heartwarming and informative at the same time. The music goes in perfect harmony with it all.

19. Citibank

Oh my god! This video is sooooo cute! Yes, there’s humor, which goes perfectly with the animation, we must add. But the video itself is adorable. Yes, the topic is serious, and the customers need to understand the features….but why should the messaging be boring and serious too, right?

20. Touch Bank

Looking for a way to floor your customers with how awesome you are? Well, this FinTech motion graphics video shows one sure way to impress them. The animation is as smooth as butter, and the color choice is bold. You are left with no doubt that this was created by someone with a good choice. And that’s the kind of class you are bringing to your brand as well!

21. HDFC Bank

Lively, enthusiastic, and direct. This video has many things going for it. The storytelling method with a central character is a classic explainer video style, but the video succeeds in adding its own touch to it. The colors, illustrations, and animations leave you feeling positive about the product itself.


In conclusion, these best fintech explainers showcase the best of what the industry has to offer. They simplify complex financial services with creative motion graphics and tell compelling stories in just 60 seconds. As fintech continues to change the way we handle money transfers, mobile payments, and banking services, explainer videos will remain a great marketing tool for fintech startups and established companies alike. Whether you’re a marketer or an animator, these videos are sure to inspire and engage your target audience. So, take a cue from companies like PayPal, Kraken, and Klarna and use explainer videos to showcase your products and services in a simple and engaging way.

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