Top 8 Funny Explainer Video Examples That Will Make You ROFL 

Last Updated on June 5, 2024

Explainer videos have become a popular format for educating audiences on complex topics through simple, engaging animated stories. Typically 2-3 minutes long, they use illustrations, motion graphics, characters, and narration to break down complicated ideas, products, or processes into easy-to-digest pieces. They walk viewers through the key elements step-by-step rather than overwhelming them with dense text or lectures.

Funny explainer videos take the engaging explainer format but add exaggeration, irony, sarcasm, and absurd humor to entertain as they inform. While regular explainers aim to teach, funny ones aim more to amuse and delight while educating. These humorous videos utilize things like wacky metaphors, exaggerated examples, wordplay, ironic twists, and eccentric characters to get their point across in an irreverent, memorable way.

In an internet landscape dominated by memes, viral videos, and social media shareability, funny animated explainer videos are able to capture attention and get widely distributed. Their unexpected and exaggerated humor makes them stand out and gives people incentive to watch and share them. The educational core still remains, but coated with amusing rather than dry narration and visuals.

For brands, creating the best explainer videos of all time is like hitting the jackpot.  It presents an opportunity to get their message out in a format tailored to modern media consumption habits. Rather than stiff promotional material, humorous explainers allow brands to highlight their products or services with an amusing edge. The laughs entice viewers, while the information educates them on key selling points.

In summary, funny explainer videos utilize humor and absurdity to make educational content engaging and highly shareable. Their blend of entertainment and information, coupled with expert explainer video services, serves an important role in emerging internet media culture.

The Ultimate List of 8 Funny Explainer Videos of All Time

Brace yourself for a laughter-packed journey as we delve into the realm of hilarious content, showcasing the finest examples of funny explainer videos that have stood the test of time. From clever animations to witty narratives, get ready for a rollicking adventure through the world of humor-infused explainer video examples! Whether it’s exaggerated metaphors or ironic twists, these examples highlight the versatility of explainer video script examples, demonstrating how succinct storytelling and engaging visuals can transform complex ideas into delightful, easily digestible narratives.

By partnering with a skilled explainer video company in Bangalore, businesses can harness these latest trends to produce high-quality quirky videos that resonate with their target audience.

1. DietBet Explainer – Making Weight Loss Amusing

This DietBet awesome explainer video uses humor and exaggerated situations to promote their weight loss challenge app in an entertaining way. The temptation visuals with mountains of food and over-the-top unhealthy eating make you laugh and cringe as a dieter. The silly office challenges like wearing an “I Love Bieber” t-shirt and competitive fridge battles add smiles while highlighting the app’s features. The cheater at the weigh-in is another funny moment poking fun at the struggles of dieting. Overall, this is a great example of a funny explainer videos category that manages to amuse while educating on the DietBet app. The humor makes the content engaging and memorable rather than a dry ad. For anyone looking for examples of how to make explainer videos more fun, this is a great one to watch.

The exaggerated visual gags, ironic narration, and goofy challenges all demonstrate how brands can leverage humor in explainers to capture attention while conveying information. It’s a lighthearted approach that fits the playful product. For funny explainer videos that entertain while informing, this DietBet video is a prime model to follow.

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2. Havana Heat Bookstore Explainer – Humorously Risky

This explainer video for the Havana Heat bookstore takes a decidedly risky approach to humor. With tongue-in-cheek narration loaded with innuendo, it plays up the sensual side of reading erotic novels. The imagery of attractive models and seductive settings paired with the smoldering voiceover makes it seem like an ad for something far steamier than books. The exaggerated eroticism toes the line between sexy and silly. For anyone seeking a funny explainer video, slightly NSFW that isn’t afraid to go for provocative laughs, this Havana Heat video fits the bill. Just be warned – the risque humor is constant throughout. But the amusingly exaggerated sexual overtones demonstrate how brands can leverage humor, even of an edgy variety, to capture attention in explainers. For examples of funniest videos that are a little more “adult” in nature, this racy Havana Heat explainer is a prime specimen of how humor, even of an adult nature, can be a unique and attention-grabbing approach to share funny content online.

3. Breadpig Explainer – Sweetly Amusing

The Breadpig explainer video is a delightful example of good-natured, family-friendly humor. The repeated use of the word “geeky” and the cute characters create smiles throughout. The earnest narration describing Breadpig as supporting “world domination through cuteness” adds to the playful vibe. Visual gags like the flying pig with bread wings and the winking Earth elicit grins. And the mock scientific formula poking fun at startup culture demonstrates how harmless absurdism can make an explainer entertaining. For anyone looking for a funny explainer videos yet suitable for all ages, this Breadpig video delivers. The sweetness and geeky self-deprecation show how brands can craft amusing explainers without resorting to edginess. With its kid-friendly vibe and smiles from start to finish, this is a prime specimen of charming explainer video humor. When exploring the explainer video marketing, studying examples of great videos is crucial for grasping effective communication strategies.

4. Qt Python – Slithering Towards Humor

The Qt Python funny explainer video injects humor into the topic of APIs and frameworks by using an actual snake character. Having the “fun, fast, flexible” snake represent Qt’s products is a clever visual pun that grabs attention. The bendy snake visually communicating flexibility demonstrates how silliness can make an explainer entertaining when done right. For any complex or dry topic, adding some fun through humor and mascots is a great technique, as seen here. The playful snake metaphor shows how even corporate explainers can amuse people by matching the humor to the brand essence. For a funny explainer videos that milks a visual gag, this silly snake video is a prime model to check out.

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5. Presstler Explainer – In-Your-Face Humor

The Presstler explainer video takes an edgy, provocative approach to grabbing attention fast. With exaggerated claims like “This will make you millions!” and “Stop wasting time reading this!”, it mocks overly hyped product marketing with cheeky humor. For startups needing to make a splash quickly, this in-your-face style of irony and exaggeration can cut through the noise. While abrasive, funny explainer videos show how high-risk humor can work for some brands if it matches their disruptive positioning. The crude drawings and brash narration make the video impossible to ignore. For explainers seeking raw attention over polish, this Presstler video provides an edgy model, for better or worse. Its no-holds-barred style demonstrates one angle of funny explainer videos  – by being controversial and in-your-face.

6. Nerds on Site Explainer – Lovable Goofball Humor

This explainer from animation studio Epipheo uses self-deprecating nerd humor to showcase Nerds on Site’s services. The characters proudly “nerd out” over technical jargon, poking fun at hacker stereotypes. The upbeat music and energetic visuals match the playful tone. Simple but expressive illustrations demonstrate concepts in an engaging, easy-to-grasp manner. Overall, the lighthearted, humorous spirit makes learning about the company enjoyable. The lovable goofball personality displayed shows how poking fun at yourself can craft an amusing explainer. For examples of funny explainer videos done right, this one from Epipheo underscores that even corporate topics can be made amusing and memorable when companies use humor effectively in their explainer videos.

7.Black Gold Explainer – Zombie Apocalypse Laughs

The Black Gold funny explainer videos takes a humorously horrifying approach by using a zombie apocalypse scenario. The absurdity of preparing for undead attacks highlights the app’s usefulness for all emergency situations, no matter how far-fetched. Visual gags like employees fending off zombies with sports equipment add ridiculous laughs. The tongue-in-cheek narration warns about vampire invasions in a wink-wink way. While gruesome, the overall levity shows how going to silly extremes can craft a memorable, funny explainer videos. For anyone seeking offbeat humor built around outrageous hypotheticals, this zombie attack video demonstrates how to elicit dark chuckles while highlighting key features. Sometimes tapping into the unexpected, even the morbid, can craft an explainer that stands out with weird but amusing concepts. For marketing professionals, analyzing a variety of examples of great explainer videos provides valuable insights into different styles and approaches. 

8. Wizzki Explainer – Playful Retro Humor

The Wizzki funny explainer video takes a delightfully absurd premise – superheroes interviewing for jobs – and milks it for constant smiles. The retro narration style and corporate office setting provide ironic contrast to the cartoonish characters. Visual gags like the split maneuver reference elicit chuckles through pop culture allusions. Small details like the bowling trophy and “Save the Whales” coffee mug add more grin-inducing touches. Overall, the unusual scenario imagined allows for humor through the juxtaposition of the fantastical and the mundane. For explainers seeking humor through an outlandish hypothetical, this video provides a model of playing reality against fiction to amusing effect. The layers of jokes and retro-modern mashup demonstrate how creative concepts can drive funny explainer videos beyond typical approaches.

Bonus: Let’s have more fun! 

9. Layla Sleep Explainer – Amusing Alien Antics

The Layla Sleep funny explainer video injects fun into mattress shopping by featuring goofy aliens as characters. Their quest for the perfect sleep despite their crazy anatomy makes for smiles throughout. The playful “Take me to your mattress” tagline sets the humorous tone from the start. The exaggerated expressions and movements of the flexible aliens add visual comedy. While ridiculous, the outer space premise allows for imaginative scenarios to demonstrate the mattress’ features. For any explainer seeking laugh out loud humor through an outlandish hypothetical situation, this alien video provides a model of using fictional characters for entertainment. Sometimes stepping beyond the boundaries of reality can craft explainers that grab attention and amusement through sheer absurdity.

10. Inquisit – Boldly Fun Brand Personality

The Inquisit funny explainer video showcases the company’s bold, fun-loving brand personality through animated characters. The visual portrayal of the team as vibrant, dynamic figures establishes an energetic, youthful vibe. The exaggerated expressions and movements inject a sense of playfulness and excitement into the viewing experience. This reflects Inquisit’s real-life culture of being daring, irreverent, and up for anything. For explainers seeking to get a brand’s personality across, this video models letting loose rather than playing it safe. The humorous tone it sets demonstrates how showcasing the human side, even in exaggerated ways, can craft an explainer that entertains and engages. Overall, it shows the power of fun when developing a memorable brand identity. Whether introducing a new product or explaining a service, examples of great explainer videos offer inspiration for creating content that captivates and informs.

As laughter knows no bounds, the funniest videos of all time bridge gaps, bringing people together with the universal language of humor. 

Why Funny Explainer Videos? 

In today’s overloaded digital landscape, it’s harder than ever to create marketing content that breaks through the noise and resonates with audiences. This is where funny explainer videos come in handy for brands. Humorous explainers offer a number of advantages:

Increased Engagement: People are drawn to laugh. Comedy provides entertainment value that sterile corporate videos lack. Funny explainers encourage social sharing, driving brand exposure. Amusing scripts and visual gags keep viewers interested throughout the full video. Humor provides a compelling reason for audiences to pay attention rather than tuning out dry messaging.

Enhanced Memorability: Studies show that pairing information with humor, like funny narration or visual jokes, improves recall and learning. The laughs make the content more memorable and stickier. Audiences remember concepts better when presented in an entertaining, amusing manner. This leads to improved comprehension and retention of your key messages.

Personality and Connection:Humor allows brands to exhibit personality, from playful to ironic to silly. This facilitates an emotional connection with viewers. Funny explainers humanize brands and are more relatable. Audiences engage more when the tone feels approachable rather than overly promotional.

Differentiation:In a sea of serious corporate explainers, funny videos stand out. Humor gives brands an opportunity to differentiate themselves. Rather than fade into the background, amusing explainers get shared and prompt discussion. They offer a vehicle for creativity that sterile videos don’t allow.

So in summary, humor provides measurable benefits in grabbing attention, driving shares, improving recall, forming connections, and distinguishing your brand. Funny explainers give you an edge in an increasingly competitive online content landscape. Laughter captures interest, boosts memorability, and separates you from the pack. In the digital age, where attention spans fluctuate, the funniest videos of all time become the golden nuggets that captivate audiences in seconds.

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