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Last Updated on June 11, 2024

We are back again! And still fresh and reeling from our last series on the Top five explainer videos that needed serious ‘help’. Truthfully, we are still a nervous lot from being the judge and being judged… So we decided, what the heck, let’s go ahead with the next in the series.

So here goes our next series on some of the best NGO explainer videos. NGOs?? Yeah, NGOs… Get practical guys! Even if they are not really money-spinning business machines, they still need money… a lot of it! And just to avoid confusion, we are still following the same rule: the best comes last! So, go ahead. Get a peep at our list… Check this video out!

5. World food program – A billion for a billion

Simple animation, simple sound effects, no voiceovers and yet… powerful message delivered. Just like that! I would say, starting the video with numbers did the trick and connecting the dots, just took it to the next level. The video is powerful for a simple reason… It gives the power in our hands, in the hands of the audience. It reminds us that every big thing starts with baby steps. In the end, it also suggests how we can go about helping the cause. And the suggestions are very easy to follow. All you need is a little goodness of heart… Don’t you think so?
Before I reach for my kerchief, let me make haste to the next explainer video. Check this one out by Epipheo. (Yeah, those guys again!)

4. Color your world with kindness :

So what do you say? Beautiful, right? I loved the background score too. The video also shifts the focus from the idea of donating or cash or anything that has to do with the material world. Instead it concentrates on what we so conveniently forget… Graciousness! It reminds us that a little kindness goes a long way even if it starts with something as small as sharing your lunch with your friend. Pssst… Pssst… I wouldn’t mind the granny on the seat next to me especially when I am flying with my little one! All the parents out there, I know you would agree…
Now, let’s jump to the next in the list. Check out this explainer video:

3. Where’s the controversy in saving lives?

Produced by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ‘Where’s the controversy in saving lives?’ is an eye opener. It makes us realize that so many women do not enjoy the benefits of being able to even decide when to be a mother. Now, that makes us really sad! Because time and time again, it has been proved that only when women are empowered, the world becomes a better place. Besides, it is a basic human right! And for the sake of our next generation, that is exactly what we want so much right now. Let’s check the next explainer video:

2. Reinvent the toilet

This again is produced by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ‘Reinvent the toilet’ is quite a catchy title. Agreed? For a ‘crappy’ problem of such humongous proportions that is usually discussed only in hush-hush tones, I think this video is very brave and very sensitive in the way it presents the problems. And there lies the genius of it all. Not to mention the potent solution that it presents! Now all the entrepreneurs out there, you have been given a glowing bulb! Go ahead, take it and errr… recycle some $h*t?

Now, let’s check the best in our series. We are guilty of using this explainer video time and time again but you will know why, as soon as you play that little triangular button down there!

1. The girl effect :

Now, isn’t that the most awesome video ever. The tempo of the sound tracks, the smooth flow of animation, the script, the choice of colours – this one bags a perfect ten for everything! This video is an example of sheer genius and I know you are nodding your head right now. Ah! Darn… Where’s my box of tissues? Sniffle! Sniffle! Isn’t that really beautiful? The animator is definitely an expert not only in visual perception and cognition but also in design. The slight variations in colours, pacing, subtle restraint with which only a few words and letters are animated – makes this video not ‘just an explainer’ but a visual and emotional experience…

Bonus – Some more captivating NGO animated explainer videos

We are not done yet!!! Presenting to you some more engaging and awareness videos.These bonus examples have been carefully chosen to provide you with a wider range of narratives and visual styles, demonstrating the versatility and effectiveness of animated explainer videos for NGOs.

The Science of Kindness

“The Science of Kindness” animated video, created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, through colorful animations and a dynamic narrative explores the scientifically proven benefits of kindness. This captivating video showcases how kindness is contagious, can be taught, and generates a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Discover the transformative power of kindness through this engaging and informative animation. The video stands out with its vibrant visuals and captivating storytelling.

Stop Child Labour 

The “Stop Child Labour” animated explainer video is a powerful tool for raising social awareness about the issue of child labor. This impactful video sheds light on the harsh realities faced by millions of children worldwide, highlighting the importance of eradicating child labor and promoting education and child rights. Through compelling visuals and a compelling narrative, this animated video serves as a call to action to protect the rights and future of vulnerable children.

Naadi – NGO

The Naadi NGO Explainer video, created by Catalyst Creators, showcases the innovative and accessible organ donor system developed by Naadi. Through the use of motion graphics, this visually engaging video simplifies the complex concept, highlighting how Naadi is revolutionizing organ transplants. Experience the power of visual storytelling and the impact it can have on spreading the message of life-saving innovation.

Gender equality: the power of change

“Gender Equality: The Power of Change” is an animated video that sheds light on the transformative impact of sexual and reproductive health and rights on the lives of women and girls worldwide. Through the stories of two girls, this animation beautifully illustrates the profound difference it makes when women and girls are empowered to make decisions and have control over their own bodies. Discover how the pursuit of gender equality can bring about positive change for individuals, families, and entire communities.

A global history of women’s rights

This is an impactful animation video that delves into the progress made and the ongoing challenges in the fight for gender equality. From suffrage movements to contemporary digital activism, this video highlights the remarkable women, grassroots movements, and historic milestones that have shaped the world for women and girls. This #GenerationEquality campaign by UN Women is to accelerate gender equality and honor the transformative Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Discover the inspiring journey towards a more equal future.

Now, that was a pretty impressive list but let us not forget our favourite in house creation and I guess we all know what it is. But in case you do not have an inkling of what I am talking about especially if you are a new guest to this blog, watch this one, our pride!

In house favorite – The beauty of Red

So, I am done here and even though I hate my goodbyes, I know it is time to bid adieu so see you later guys… So long!

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