Product videos- 3 major reasons why having an extended team helps

Product videos are a crucial part of any marketing campaign. And depending on your product and your audience, the kind of video you need may vary.

Product videos are a crucial part of any marketing campaign. And depending on your product and your audience, the kind of video you need may vary.

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But the one thing that cannot be overlooked is the team creating the product videos. This team could make or break your product. So should you go for a remote extended team or an in-house one? Having an in-house team seems like a great idea initially. But once you take into account everything that goes into it, you may acknowledge why we consider having a professional extended team working for you a better option. 

Expenses. Expenses. Expenses

When it comes to video production, there are expenses aplenty. And while initially hiring an extended team seems costly, when you look at all the expenses that come with getting your own production team, you may reconsider. Why do we say this? Take a look at the list to know.

1.Capital Expenses

If you want to make product videos in-house, you have to be ready to invest quite a bit in the beginning. You will need

  • The best equipment 
  • The latest software
  • A dedicated workspace for the team

2.Recurring Expenses

While initial expenses are pretty high, the story doesn’t end there. You will also have to factor in all the other recurring expenses including(but not limited to)-

  • Software updates
  • Hardware updates
  • Salary
  • Rent
  • Maintenance

3.Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses could be anything from power outages to changes in policy. Yes, you may have to deal with this even without a production team, but if you outsource, you can at least prevent some of it by outsourcing.

Not just a team- an expert team

The process of creating product videos involves a lot- scripting, storyboarding, and if it is animated, illustration and animation, if not then, filming, and then comes the editing, the music, the sound effects…product videos require a whole lot of experts to come together in perfect harmony to create that special magic you seek. And, as should be obvious, getting such a team is not easy. You have to recruit one person for each task and experts don’t come cheap.

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If you hire novices or aspirants, you risk compromising on quality. Many of them would be learning on the job, meaning a lot of the precious time would go in them learning to do what they are hired to do. They will also have to keep abreast of the current video trends, and if they are not doing this work full-time, they may not be able to keep up.

Your burden does not end with recruiting, you have to find replacements every time someone leaves the job- meaning you need to go through the whole recruitment process again and again. 

But with an extended team, you have a ready-made solution to these problems. 

  1. You have a team of experts available at your disposal. 
  2. As this outsourced team is already working together, they already have the necessary team dynamics in place to work together.
  3. Even, by chance, if one of them has to leave the job for some reason, you don’t have to deal with the headache of finding replacements. The video production team will find other people to work in their place, keeping the team dynamics, experience, skill, etc in consideration.

Time Conundrum

Time is one commodity that simply cannot be stretched. So naturally, we are all looking for ways to best utilise it. If you try to manage an in-house team, it may end up becoming one more thing that eats up your time. Let us try to explain the problem as simply as possible.

You can’t do everything related to video production by yourself so you hire a team to help you

Your team makes video when there is work,  but the rest of the time it is free

This downtime results in a loss for the company 

To avoid this you assign other tasks to the team members, to make sure they stay productive, or you downsize the team and the same person wears multiple hats in the video production chain


Because of this, the employees now either get overwhelmed and are not able to do justice to the product video, or because they don’t have the required skills, the quality of the product video gets compromised.  

But if you have an extended team working remotely, this problem gets sorted out in one stroke

        1. You don’t have to worry about downtimes
        2. You don’t have to think up tasks to keep your employees occupied
        3. You don’t have to downsize or compromise
        4. You don’t run the risk of overwhelming your team
        5. You save a lot of time and effort that might otherwise be wasted in sorting out the aforementioned issues.

To Conclude…

Making product videos is as important as focussing on building the brand, and as it is an easy way for your customers to gauge you, you simply cannot afford to compromise on them. Having a remote extended team helps you save on effort, on resources, on time, and in the end, helps you to save money and make more because of the positive brand image and clear communication. So while having an in-house team helps when it comes to product videos, it may be more prudent to go with an extended team.

If you are looking for an extended team that takes the effort needed to treat your product as its own and does not compromise when it comes to creating product videos that cater to your audience, we may be able to help.

Do contact us to continue this conversation. 





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VimidaProduct videos- 3 major reasons why having an extended team helps

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