Cartoons are no more just for kids!

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Have you seen ‘Frozen’ yet? Yeah… I am talking about that animation movie which was released some time back. Nope? No clue? Which planet are you inhibiting? Stop reading… Go… watch it! Take along the kids too! And did you listen to that song ‘Let it go’ from the same movie? No. Really? (Rest of you who have already seen it and know every line of the song by heart, same pinch! We make the same clan!)

The songs from that movie are our family anthem right now. And for a pretty good reason too. The whole family is hooked to it! Just a simple Google search and you will know that the whole world is following it like it’s a religion. Sounds weird? Nah! It’s not… This animation picture has gained well deserved attention. And no sir, not just kid’s attention! But then, if you think of it… most of the latest flicks have garnered unprecedented interest. Think of Ratatouille, Ice age, The Croods, Tangled, Despicable me, Rio, Cloudy with the chance of meatballs… With animation, you have probably realized by now, age has stopped becoming an important factor!

Gone are the days of yore when parents put on the cartoon channels and left their children to watch while they made most of the time doing more important things. The scene, if you are not already aware, has changed! For example – look at the budgets of the latest animation flicks, the technology advancement, the humongous amount of work and time and expertise that goes into creating one. Compared to the old animation flicks (Let’s not consider anything remotely ‘Disney’ for now… They have always been a class apart!), so much has changed and the results are showing. I am hooked to animation flicks as much as my six-year-old. And why not? The script, the setting, the background score, and the plots – you name it! They are as good as it can get.

In short, animation has found a larger audience. It is an area with commercial potential. It’s hot property. What else did you expect?

Let’s dissect the reasons why cartoons have gotten so popular with adults:

1. Cartoons project a childish simplicity: Cartoons tend to simplify complicated things. Cartoons make us see everything from the perspective of a child. A man can fall from hundred and thirteenth floor and escape with just a bump! Tom and Jerry can keep bashing each other up and still remain the best of friends! Who knows, perhaps we can find some of our deeply desired answers in there?

2. Cartoons allow us to become child again: These cutesy characters are just an extension of ourselves even though we do not voice the fact out. It is easy to connect ourselves with the characters. Who doesn’t want the adventures of Sindbad or Peter Pan? Which woman doesn’t yearn for a happy forever with her prince? Yeah don’t forget the horses the prince rides! The glorious horses! And of course, the castles and the delicious party spread and the balls! You think these are things only a child dreams of?

3. They provide an escape into fantasy: Isn’t that why we read fiction and see movies? Who doesn’t want to escape from reality now and then, if only just to keep our sanity intact. I don’t mind being a power puff girl sometimes! Or even Cinderella in the ball… Or Rupanzel with dream like hair… All the little guys whose face I ever painted wanted to be a Spiderman or a pirate! There had been weird requests of being painted as Mowgli! Of course, thinking of it, getting lost in a jungle and growing up with a wolves family sounds like an adventure!

4. It’s entertaining: Do I even need to tell you why? Let me save the time and add that cartoons bring back precious childhood memories too. Like wondering what’s going on with Winnie the Pooh every time you reach out for a jar of honey! In fact, any episode of Alvin, the chipmunk is bound to throw up some memory. After all, that’s what we grew up watching. Now, I am feeling nostalgic. Sigh! Oh come on, who wants to grow up anyway?

5. It’s creative: And it is art. A cartoon or an animation clip is a complete package in itself. It is an amalgam of good writing, good music, good drawings and whole lot of creativity! What more can you ever ask for?

It is of no doubt why animation is taking up a big piece of the commercial pie! And of course, that brings us to our business… What makes animation promotional videos are so popular? But there have been so many write ups on that already! So let me steer clear from that topic. For now, it suffices to say that cartoons and animation are the best medium to engage audience – be it a toddler or be it an adult! It is an unsurpassable medium of conveying even serious messages in a light hearted manner. Of course, it goes without saying that the next big thing has already arrived and is here to stay. At least till our love for animation sticks around for good!

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