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Well, heard of those situations where things just fall into place? Well, our Thirumudivakkam videos was one of those. The client had given us a pretty simple brief and oodles of freedom- the best way to get our thinking wheels churning double-time. Right here was a wonderful opportunity to do something creative and Boy! Were we gonna be creative! We couldn’t wait to begin.CG Thirumudivakkam 300x225

Drawing Inspiration From Everyday Life

Then came …the silence. What were we going to do that’d be different here? We turned to the real world for inspiration. Notice how for every idea there’s this one Uncle-type guy saying, it just won’t work out? That guy became our muse for this video. When it comes to buying homes, youngsters always turn to elders for advice. And there lay the premise for our video. We had to go through a couple more iterations AND an epiphany before the script took shape. The building was coming up in the South Indian metropolitan city of Chennai and we decided to give our protagonist a southern flavour- with accent and mannerisms to boot!

Sathyaraj Villathi Villan 300x130

Character Design 300x257

Style Frame 1 1024x559

Lip Sync 1024x384

Actions that match the Expectations…

Making the protagonist for this project was a super lot of fun. We dug up old movies and famous dialogues to study the body language of the guy we had in mind. Old ads, real-life people, pictures of famous actors- all became reference points. As the character began taking shape, we realised the need to focus on his mannerisms. Given the humorous nature of the script, we needed apt voiceover and animation to do justice to it.

We decided to enact the script to make every movement believable. We had a riot shooting rough actions for the protagonist. After what seemed like a million edits, we had a draft of the “acting” video ready. Now, we were going to do something that we rarely did- base our animation on this reference.


Ready or not- Here comes everybody’s uncle!

A neat little file shelf- check,

a rather traditional looking table and chair-check,

the ever-present newspaper-check,

coffee “tumbler” with piping hot coffee-check,

protagonist with buttoned up, full-sleeve shirt -check!

If you’re in anyway connected to South India- you’ll know this guy. Chances are you’ll know him, even if you are not connected! With the perfect voice over to match the character, animations based on animatics and live-acting… a highly-entertaining video took shape. As we told, everything simply fell into place. And we got the most loveable “uncle” ever!


Creative Direction: Udhaya Krishna

Illustrations and Character development: Ganesh

Animation: Dinesh Kumar

Script: Shravanthi

Account Manager: Sundaresan


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