A to Z of Scriptwriting For Animated Demo Videos


Last Updated on November 15, 2023

We aim to bring everything you need to know about making quality animated demo videos that work in this quick bite blog. Brace yourself to Discover the dos and don’ts of writing scripts for your animated demo videos.


This is the key to all animation. Yes, we all know a mine load of words and jargon, but if these cannot be translated into animations, they are of no use.


Brevity is the soul of wit…and animated demo videos. The shorter your sentences, the better will be the audience’s understanding.


The best-animated demo videos are the ones that talk to the viewer. Don’t tell them, have a little chat with them.


Define the product. If you are introducing a product or service, there should be a small, one-sentence description that describes it.


Explain the benefits. What will the user get out of it? That is the most important thing to be stressed.

FOUR features

Four features, that is the maximum you should try to cram into a demo video, although the lesser the better. Add more and(yawn!) good luck keeping your audience awake!


Goofy is good! Don’t take yourself too seriously, lighten up the script and the viewers will connect with you automatically.


Humanize your script. You might have a great product/service but to make it connect with your audience, you have to make it tangible to them. Use stories, metaphors, jokes or visuals etc to make that emotional connect.


Innovate. Ideate. Improvise. Do everything possible to make sure that your script is not the usual, dry meal that is served all the time. There has to be something unique about it.


Junk the jargon. You might think that jargons impress people. They don’t. They only confuse. Even if your target audience belongs to a jargon-spewing group, using normal words still works better. And no, they’re not “looking” for those keywords in the video.


Kindle their imagination, create a script that sparks that special something in viewers and makes them want to know more.


Learn from the experience of others. Take a look at the animated demo video scripts that work and try to discover why. Don’t copy the style or the words but get inspired by this “why”.


Mean what you say. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Be realistic about what your product can actually do.


Nuances of humour emotions, the finer shades, have to be understood perfectly. Using humour is not mandatory but there should be some kind of emotion that touches the viewer.


Opinions of others matter. Ask people who will be frank with you, preferably from the target group. Find out what they think of the script.


Pitch it right. Overselling can be the death of a demo video. Do not keep pushing your call-to-action, people will distrust you. Just explain the magic of your product or service. It will sell itself.


Question conventions. You might have seen a million animated demo videos, most of which follow the same style. But this does not mean that you can’t try something new…


Know your topic in and out. When you write a script you should be clear on all aspects of the product/service. Even if you don’t use it in the script.


This is at the heart of an animated demo video. If you have a great story to tell, your audience will listen.

Target Audience

TARGET AUDIENCE. When you write a script for a demo video, you need to know the psyche of your target market. What makes them laugh, what makes them cry, what pains them…how do you solve their problems?


Understand timing. When working on animated demo video scripts, you have to keep in mind that in many places you have to give time for a scene to get established and for an animation to happen.


Visualize the animated demo video script, even as you write it. This is the only way to ensure that your script can become entertaining and your words get translated into good animations.


Watch your language! Yes, you can break a few rules of grammar — but you have to know the rules to break them. Using urban slang is fine, but speaking like an illiterate, if not on purpose, is a definite no-no.


XENOPHOBIC, racist, bigoted, chauvinistic or otherwise insulting personal opinions have no place in your animated demo videos, even if used in jest. Be careful of the message you are sending, we don’t want to hurt any sentiments, right?


Yes to memorable endings! This is like the ending of the story. Make it charming. Do not overburden the viewer with info here. If possible, add a box-shot, after the logo and contact info are on screen…something funny or creative.


This is the most important word if you want to write for an animated demo video. Be passionate about the script you are writing. None of the above points matter without it.

Picture of Vimida
Vimida is a self-proclaimed writer and creative director who thinks that more than 10 years of writing makes her eligible for the Pulitzer or Nobel or “somesuchthing” (well, she’s doesn’t care much about names, it is the sentiments that matter, right?) She often uses her BA English Gold Medal and Symbiosis Mass Communication background to finish off arguments, if they’re not going in her favour. Not being satisfied with writing, she has now decided to interfere in Creative Direction as well. When not at work, she can be seen in the company of her son, who has the uphill task of making his mom grow up right. You can get in touch with her on Facebook, or Twitter, or any social platform, because she signs up for a new one each day. She has many blogs,but she rarely blogs, so the best place to catch her work will be our website.
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