Know about India video #3: Indian Cricket – birth of a religion

Indian Cricket! Weeelll…a blog on a video on Cricket, let’s see how many cricketing puns we can put into this one, howzzat?

Nope, we won’t do that to you, don’t worry.


So, in case you were wondering, we created two pretty popular videos in our Know About India series; this and this…and yeah, then when we disappeared.

Why? Because (as my 6th Standard teacher put it) you simply HAVE TO WAIT for the good stuff, sweetie!


We had some major plans for this video, we wanted it to be a treat for you. We researched harder, we thought harder, we illustrated harder and yes, we animated harder. We wanted every aspect to be (at the very least) a notch better than before.

As you can imagine, many projects and unforeseen challenges came our way- happens every time you get too ambitious. But we had decided that we aren’t gonna compromise on the video.

So, here it is now. We are pretty sure you can see the difference.

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This time, we are tracing the History of Indian Cricket. Why? Because it is bigger than big in India. It is stronger than any religion or any language will ever be in India. It spreads wider, deeper than politics ever would. Plus, honestly, it seemed like a fun topic to do-

Our knowledge of cricket mostly began from 1983 World Cup and guessed many others would be in the same state. Of course, there would be those who knew more. Either way, this would be an interesting trip down the cricketing timeline together.


We know this little video has barely touched the tip of the Indian cricketing iceberg. So if you have more stories, anecdotes or trivia, please share them with us. We promise we will be absolutely fascinated by everything! 🙂

Let us know if you need a video, we are here to help.

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