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Addverb is a global Robotics Company in India that automates intralogistics operations and makes the businesses future-ready. Their products incorporate the latest technologies and vastly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the intralogistics operations.

The challenge

Most of Addverb products existed as ideas only. There was no tangible product that their customers could see. That’s where they needed our support. They briefed us to bring this product to life for them using the magic of video-making. We had to use 3D visualization technique to to show what they do. This was definitely the challenge we had!

Research. Research. Research.

For creating videos to bring in new business for Addverb Technologies, we conducted thorough research by asking questions, understanding the competition, reading up, and discussing and sharing knowledge within our team. Our knowledgeable client provided us with material, sketches, and illustrations. We also researched similar products in the market and eliminated what was not required. Finally, we shared all the relevant information with our team to improve overall knowledge.

Addverb | 3D Product Visualisation- Warehouse
Addverb | 3D Product Visualisation- Robots

Reflect the brand in the video

Robotics. Cutting edge. Automated. Human-centric. Addverb Technologies has a lot to offer from Micro-fulfilment centers to multifaceted products but it remains futuristic at its core. Every innovation it makes is for the convenience of humans and the advancement of mankind. Our videos stay consistent with the brand.

Learn. Grow. Repeat.

As Addverb Technologies and we grew, we learned from mistakes and revisions while creating exciting 3D animation videos. We gave it our all, making each new video easier to produce. Because we were creating something that was exciting only in our dreams, we were bringing something from imagination to life. Though sometimes we must start anew, it feels like a fresh journey.

Addverb | 3D Product Visualisation- Delivery hub

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