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Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Alllllrighty then! A whole year has passed us by in a blur. Time to pay homage to all the big, small and crazy things that happened this year.

As always, Mypromovideos made some TOTALLY rad videos. Special mention: Our KNOW ABOUT INDIA series which debuted this year. The series is dedicated to sharing knowledge about things in India- things that most Indians(and world citizens) may want to know but there is little knowledge about. We created two videos- “Is Hindi our national language?” and “Why is India called Hindustan if it is secular?”. Both the videos went on to become our most seen videos on Youtube bringing us a lot of media coverage. Really, it was even beyond our wildest expectations- we were named Youtube channel of the day, covered by CNN IBN, India times and more than 40 online blogs!

Other landmark videos include the one we did for VelvetCase it was created in a very short period and had the challenge of reaching out to the International Premier Tennis League fans. We were truly honored when Harsha Bhogle agreed to voice this video for us. Now, that was an experience to narrate to our grandkids 🙂
Stayzilla wanted us to create a Television Commercial and thus came out our quirky musical ad that was fresh in everything from the lyrics to the designs. We had another opportunity to appear on TV with cute and charming teasers we created for Flinto.

Adding to our glory were many awards that came our way this year that both humbled us and made us proud at the same time. Notably, we were awarded Rtr. Ponraj award for excellence in Teamwork by Rotary Club of Coimbatore -Cosmos. And our “Beauty of Red” video won at the CrankyFest, held in Canada.

There is another HUGE landmark which I simply HAVE to mention- it is the addition of new members to our crew. All the people who joined us this year are immensely talented in multiple disciplines, so it is difficult pin-point a few. Sundar who joined the sales team cheered us with his ever-peppy spirit, Antony with incredible knack for designs floored us with his adaptive nature, Ganesh’s calibre as an artist needs to be seen to be believed and he surprised us with his silent humor and team spirit, while Sukhdeo the animator and illustrator with “FUTURE” written all over him lit up our hearts with his innocence.

This year many of our crew turned speakers with colleges inviting Anil, Gopal, Udhay, Sundar, and me as guests. Gopal and Anil also spoke at the Goa Project, a first for us.
Goa Project reminds me, our team had a rather successful run at the Chennai Tiecon, where we had the chance to exhibit our talents. And now from one one conference to another… Eight true blue Mypromovideos folks joined the crowds at ComiCon Bangalore….and Bangalore still survives to tell the tale! We shook hands with our real-life heroes and posed with some that only exist in our imagination….Boy! what a time!


Our team also was in Mumbai for one week…making and nurturing the bonds with the good folks there. Speaking of trips, our whole team went to a picturesque, little known destination called Kanthaloor. We were all enthralled by the Waterfalls, dam, crocodile farm, wine estate, strawberry plantation, forests…Ah! When can we go again?

We had celebrations galore…we celebrated everything -national to regional to personal events. We were true patriots and celebrated the biggest day of the year- the Indian Independence Day -with pomp. We all dressed desi ishtyle and went out for a team lunch. Yumm, yumm, the excuses we find!


We proudly celebrated our fifth anniversary by looking beautiful and posing for this snap that was going to become the face of our team for the year. We celebrated most cultural festivals. On Pongal we had..pongal…made by akka who helps maintain our office. We got tasty treat on Vishu, Onam, Ramzan, Christmas, Ayudha Poojai, Ugadi, even Pournami! So lucky to have a multi-cultural office (wink).


On Diwali we outdid ourselves with a week-long Diwali Celebrations! Every member of the team cooked something each day. Yeah, and every member of the team put on weight- LOL! We wrapped up the Diwali celebrations by bursting Fire Crackers.


Diwali blast @mypromovideos. HAPPY DIWALI!

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We celebrated most of the birthdays and most of the anniversaries. Of course, some of our MPV crew members’ also have kids. Their birthdays? You guessed it- opportunity for more treats.All this besides the regular goodies we consumed from Mypromo kitchen! We ate ourselves to ecstasy in 2014!


Who doesn’t want a treat from the CEO? Thanks Anil Kumar for the yummy dishes. # MPVkitchendays

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We had some interesting dress-up days too. We dressed up as our favorite movie characters and scared the pants out of folks on Social Media! To scare ourselves internally we wore wigs and shot snaps on our annual day! And then when we had our brand new team T-shirts, we all donned it and that was the smartest dress-up of the year- just ‘coz it was sooo simple( pun! pun!)


Our quota of fun did not end there- I am told that the cricket teams got named this year. And thankfully for me MPV pastime went beyond cricket. We started playing cards- Ace, memory, Rummy to begin with. It seems to be becoming as addictive as cricket. This year we were struck by the flute avalanche- Anil, Mahesh, Sukhdeo, Udhay, Alagendran…oh my! Many budding flutists(flautists? depends on you!) found their passion this year. Another musical instrument making its presence felt was the guitar with Antony, Sukhdeo and Dinesh taking up the hobby. Coming Soon- MPV band!


Some other memorable events of the year are the pranks we played. Dinesh, Mahesh, Shareef had been at the receiving end of it! Our Production room got a facelift. Wanna see? Wanna see? Wanna see? Come over! You might even be in time to catch a treat!

We wrapped up the year with gala New Year celebrations that included Clay modeling, Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Eating Competition (of course!), Variety Entertainment, Group Dance. Most memorable? Personally it has to be Sara’s act in the Variety Entertainment…sorry you had to be there, you missed it 🙁

Ah! What a wonderful year…we winded up 2014 with more that 5000 Facebook likes and more that 4 lakh Youtube views.

Looking forward to 2015!

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