Know About India – Why is India called Hindustan if it is secular?

Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! We were real worried about this one….

For a long time we debated over whether we should release this video on why is India called Hindustan even if it is secular, because it has “CONTROVERSY” stamped all over it in big, bold letters.

Religion- even if it is mentioned in passing- is a big no-no in our country, so dare we trace the origin of the word “Hindustan”? Yes, logically we were just tracing the etymology and not making any religious statements…but we, as a nation, are often not that logical… right? Who knew if people would protest, burn effigies, go to the media…demand special screening???

But still, we decided, we’d just present the facts. With a touch of entertainment. That was our promise and we’d keep it. (Yeah, all bold and martyr-like!) And let you decide.

Like our last “Know About India” video, we’ve done our fair share of researching and talking to experts(historians, sociologists, friendly neighborhood uncles…). The entire team- Udhay (Creative Director), Sukhdeo(Storyboard Artist), Saravanan (Animator), Shareef(Voiceover Artist/Project Manager) and yours truly(Scriptwriter) has worked our behinds off to make this video. The Mypromovideos team, as usual, was helpful with their tips and tricks.

We hope that it will enlighten at least some of our viewers and spark curiosity to learn more about this dynamic, diverse nation of ours. Do let us know what you think. And if you have any ideas for the series, PULEEEZE share it with us! Like us on Facebook to get more updates

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