Magic of a Play Button

play button

I have been thinking for a long time about writing a blog post about a finding that can increase the click-through rate of the videos on our website by 100%.

In the mid of last year, we came across Crazyegg, one awesome service, which we thought of using to measure our site’s performance. In the first 500 visits, I found out there were a very less number of people watching the videos and specifically, only one or two videos were being watched in our gallery.

Initially, it was an image roll-over for all the videos. There would be a video thumbnail and on mouse-over, an image with a play button would appear. Here are the two images which I used for freshdesk.

After analyzing the data, I just reversed the order to see how it was working for the next 500 visits. The result was astonishing! All our videos are now being watched and it is a 100% increase in the click-through rate.

Just an image with a play button can make a lot of difference to a website.

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