Why Youtube comments are more entertaining than videos?

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

As a writer for Mypromovideos, a good chunk of my day goes in looking at videos. (Yup, it is fun and it is part of my job- no point being jealous y’all.) And really, they are a big influence- personally and professionally.

YT-Comments-logoOne of the most interesting part of these video-watching experiences is reading the comments. To be precise, reading YouTube comments. Nope, I’m not speaking about the poor English or being a Grammar Nazi. I feel knowledge of English or lack of it should not stop you from expressing your viewpoints, the message you want to convey is most important. But aha! It is the messages or the comments themselves that are interesting as hell.

If you have been anywhere around YouTube, you must have read your fair share of them by now. I know I’ve seen a lot, but they never stop amazing/fascinating/horrifying me.

Like the other day, I was going through our comments. For the same video there were people claiming that we supported the Congress or BJP/RSS…depending on their viewpoint! Now we don’t have to go around trying to prove that we were neutral. If both of you felt we were supporting the other, then guess what ,folks? That could only imply that we supported neither!



Psst: We’re aliens specifically sent to confuse you!

Really, I’m telling you YouTube comments are a goldmine of amusement. People just have an ideology and they feel that everyone is out there trying to crush it or something. For example, I saw a video of cute kids and just thought “Awwwwwww, cute kids”….that’s until I read this:


It also wants us to believe only KIDS are cute. The ‘Puppies And Kittens Association’ has taken a note of this!

Huh, right? I’m sure any sane person would be as astounded by this interpretation as me. Sorry commenter, the only reason you feel it is racist, is because you are racist.

Moving on, there are those who just like to cuss because…well, just because. And as they can’t use profanity in normal life, they simply resort to YouTube. And seriously, nowadays it has become a NORM of commenting. Don’t know any cuss words? Gee, m&&%% f#$%%^, you’re not allowed to comment. Don’t you know that’s the first rule of commenting? You should have a vocabulary of at least a dozen cuss words, or at least know creative ways of using the big brother of all cuss words, the four-letter word to defeat all four-letter words…and if you don’t know what word I’m talking about…LEAVE THE COMMENTS SECTION, NOW!!

And then I have to speak of those who never had enough of running competitions when they were in school and now seek the extension on YouTube. These live to visit videos no one else has visited so far. Their fingers lust to just type that one word that would proclaim them the ultimate king of the comments sections- “FIRST!”


Quick!Someone bring the crown!

How can I leave out the never-ending threads. These comments are debates after debates, comments after comments of discourse. If Victorian period had its coffee houses, we have the comments section!


Move aside Game of Thrones, we have our own entertainment!

YouTube comments are used for all kinds of things. To discuss personal problems, to seek advice, to make friends. There are actually people out there who use YouTube comments as a chat forum!! No, I’m not kidding. People truly regularly visit the same comments section to bond! Sometimes, the comments sections of the video become a “club”. Here are some comments from the same video:



Seems like you’re going to be here a long time…sure you don’t wanna order some fries?

Well, I’m sure I’ve not scratched even the surface. I often wonder what our descendants would think. What if we lose everything but YouTube comments…what would they make of us? That we were a bunch of filthy-mouthed, homophobic, intolerant people, craving friendships online and obsessed with being first…Well, yeah, that’d be pretty accurate, right?

PS: It was written in good humor and not to offend anyone. If you feel offended, make it known in the comments below 😉

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