2019…ten years of Making GOOD Art!

Ten Years of Mypromovideos

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

2019 Mypromovideos!

It was more than just “videos” for mypromovideos. And We’re entering a brand new decade! Woo-hoo! So that means Mypromovideos is now officially a WHOLE- unbelievable-DECADE-OLD!


Yup! That’s right. 2019 was remarkable and memorable in many ways. But the most important of them all for us was the fact that we turned ten.

So how do we feel? We feel elated, jubilant, excited, hopeful, ambitious, also feel a bit more mature..added with a tiny sprinkling of “We feel scared”. WE MADE IT THIS FAR! Sounds way too awesome to be true! 

Of course, like every year, this year too was marked with a truckload of stuff happening. And we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Ready? Let’s start:

And our creations were the highlight…as always

So Let’s check them out!

Mypromovideos Moonstruck – 2019

India made an attempt to move closer to the moon and we were blown over by the sheer ambition of it. Here’s our tribute to all the great minds of ISRO behind it. 

Ready for change? (Mypromovideos – SlicePay – 2019)

Slicepay set out to change the way we experience transactions and we helped them create a smart video. And this motion graphics video was used during their product launch in 2019.

Engaging users – 2019 (Mypromovideos – Netcore)

NetCore came to us with the requirement for many explainer videos. This spiffy little video of 2019 is an example of one of the many we were lucky enough to create.

A passion for building (Mypromovideos – Henry Inc)

Another beautiful video made by mypromovideos in 2019 that needs a mention is the Henry Inc corporate presentation video. An aesthetically crafted video for a video about aesthetics. And, she is a beauty!

Get stuck in your customer’s mind. (This heading also suits Mypromovideos’ videos :))

In 2019 Canada-based Stuck AI wanted mypromovideos to create a video that explained how their contextual, location-based advertising helped you improve your business. This deft video was the result.

Better contact centers.

Saying “Cyara CX Assurance Platform provides functional and regression testing, performance testing and monitoring of contact center technologies,” can sound dry.  But in 2019 we found a way to make it interesting.

No more missing out on tenders.

Busy entrepreneurs can often miss out on important tenders. And tackling this problem is South Africa-based OnlineTenders. This video will help you see exactly how. 

Newage Storage – Not @Mypromovideos 😛

Addverb is a one-stop platform for efficient storage and retrieval mechanism for your warehouse. And in 2019 mypromovideos got the chance to produce this 3D animation video showcasing a fully automated warehouse space.

Life is in the heartbeats 2019

Vital Beats from Denmark helps doctors and patients identify irregular heartbeat patterns. And so we hope our video is worthy of the worthy cause.

Keeping track of medicines

Medspack. This video too is vital for patients, because it helps them to systematically manage their medications. Shall we take a look? It was one of important videos for mypromovideos of 2019.

We can all become Protectors 2019

One of the best causes we worked with in 2019 was the NGO “I am Your Protector”. It is a matter of pride and honor for us that we could work on a video for this cause. 

In 2019 mypromovideos was not just videos But as always, we had looooots of other happenings…that kept us engaged…

A brand new Mypromovideos office! – 2019

In 2019 we moved to a new office space. It was a bittersweet experience. The old office held beautiful memories.

But the time to move on had come…onward to newer memories! 

Oldoffice Mypromovideos 2 1024x768
mypromovideos 2
Oldoffice  Mypromovideos 1024x768
Old office mypromovideos
New Mypromovideos Office 1024x768
New Mypromovideos office
New Mypromovideos Office 2 1024x768
Mypromovideos Office 2

Fresh new faces! @Mypromovideos – 2019

Our animation and writing sections got an extra zing with highly creative Gopal and Sneha joining us!

Sneha And Gopal 760x1024
Sneha and Gopal

Half-a-decade with Ganesh….

Ganesh completed his five-year anniversary with mypromovideos and gave us so many excellent works of art in the process. We don’t know who is luckier, him or us…mutual, we hope ☺️

Ganesh 5 Years 1024x1024
Ganesh 5 yrs @ mypromovideos

Dadhood! @Mypromovideos – 2019

Mypromovideos was rendered lucky with two pairs of tiny feet joining us! Mahi became a dad to Nivaana and Dinesh to Ratheraa. 

Little Nivaana 873x1024
Little Nivaana
Little Ratheraa 973x1024
Little Ratheraa

Stronger connections…in 2019 of mypromovideos

In 2019 mypromovideos made some important contact with the “outer world”. Anil visited Mumbai and came back with beautiful memories. 

Anil With Pushkaraj Phule AVP Netcore Solutions E1580108426634 768x1024
Anil with Pushkaraj Phule AVP Netcore Solutions
Anil With Ravi Motwanin Associate Director And Head Digital Marketing At CRISIL Ltd. E1580108505895 768x1024
Our CEO with Ravi Motwani Associate Director and Head Digital Marketing at CRISIL Ltd.
Anil With Dinesh Menon Ex CMO Of SBI E1580108601400 768x1024
Anilkumar with Dinesh Menon Ex-CMO of SBI

He also was an honored guest at his alma mater, SNS College of Technology

Anil@SNS Newspaper Clip 1024x1024
Anil@SNS newspaper clip

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This year we had Pavani, our friend from Addverb, visited us for a few days. Thanks Pavani.


Another exciting event was that we were listed as Top Video Production Company in Clutch 2019 Report

2019 Clutch Report Mypromovideos
2019 clutch report mypromovideos

We also made waves in the creative circle with our Dribbble account reaching 500+ followers!

Dribbble Mypromovideos 01
Dribbble mypromovideos 01
Dribbble Mypromovideos 02
Dribbble mypromovideos 02
Dribbble Mypromovideos 03
Dribbble mypromovideos 03
Dribbble Mypromovideos 04
Dribbble mypromovideos 04

2019 at Mypromovideos: Funnnnnnn..fun,….FUNNNNNNN…..

Yes, there was fun galore…. Some of the guys went out on a trip….and  there were talks around that…and lots of regrets from those who missed out….What did we miss? Oh…this beautiful leopard that they managed to spot.

Leopard Mypromovideos 1024x683
Leopard mypromovideos

Our teammates also went on a spiritual trek to Velliangiri…and learnt new lessons on endurance. 

Velliangiri E1579853014165 768x1024
Velliangiri 2 768x1024
Velliangiri 2

As every year, we celebrated everything and anything with splendour….

IMG 20190909 161636 576x1024
Mypromovideos turns ten
IMG 20190909 161614 576x1024
Mypromovideos turns ten
Aa13fcd5 46c0 4890 89e9 72c1c3718ebf 1024x718
Pongal _mypromovideos
Random Posing 811x1024
Random posing
Food 768x1024
Food, of course!

And thus we wind up…. Because it was Lots of work, lots of networking and looooooads of fun…not bad for ten-year-olds, eh? 

Let us know if you need a video, we are here to help.

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