How to use B2B videos to increase sales

How To Use B2B Videos To Increase Sales

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Want to increase sales? Who doesn’t, right? But increasing sales is always a challenge, especially if you are a B2B marketer. Competition is stiff, engaging customers is tough and time is almost always an elusive commodity. B2B videos can help you overcome these hurdles and increase sales, and there are several innovative ways by which you can do this. Let us take a look at these.

Videos to create awareness in your customers

Before your customers make the all-important decision to invest in your brand, they need to be aware of it. They must know about what you offer. Videos can be created to trigger this awareness in them. If these videos make them curious to know more that’s awesome, if they make them want to purchase, even better. But the most important task is to let them know that engaging videos do a great job in this.

Social media videos

One of the best places to engage your customers and spread awareness is Social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, and a host of other social media websites can be utilised to create awareness. As they are also shareable, it becomes all the more better. Here’s an example of how mailchimp did it on mailchimp social media page.

inclreaseB2bsales 1 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 1 mpv

Blog videos

Most B2B businesses these days have a great blog section. Blogs can be used very effectively for creating awareness. Adding videos to your blogs is even better. A video in the blog increases audience retention and also works perfectly for those who would much rather watch a video than read. As an additional benefit, such blogs that have a video indirectly increase sales because they bring up your webpage in searches and increase your page ranking. Formlabs has effectively used videos in the blogs.

inclreaseB2bsales 2 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 2 mpv

Summit videos

B2B companies use summits, seminars, events, etc to promote their new ideas. Usually, summits are to let others know that you have something that they could use. Participating in a summit not only creates awareness but often is a useful method to get leads. But how do you grab attention at a summit? With summit videos. Summit videos can be approached in many creative ways to add value to your brand.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos or company story videos are often used as brand-building tools. Perhaps, after explainer videos, these are the most common form of videos created by B2B companies. How do they help create awareness and increase sales? They present your company in the most favorable light. Corporate videos are a wonderful opportunity to speak about your company’s journey and your accomplishments.

Videos to convince your customers

Once you have created an awareness about the company, product, or service the next step is to convince them to choose it over everything else. A lot has been written about how videos can help swing the viewer’s opinion in this direction and there are some nifty ways to go about doing it. Let us take a look.

Explainer videos

Speak about creating videos for business to increase sales and explainer videos come to mind almost immediately. After having been around for more than a decade, explainer videos have come to create a niche very distinct from advertising. Short, informative, to-the-point, relatable, and interesting, really they have a lot going for them as marketing tools.

Concern-addressing videos

Once your potential customers are aware of your brand and understand it to a certain extent, it is possible that they may have questions about it. A never-seen-before innovation often comes with a lot of excitement, but also with concerns. A video that addresses these concerns preemptively might go a long way in convincing them that you authentically desire to help them out and you seek to address any worries they have. Sometimes such videos can look like this example from sas.

inclreaseB2bsales 3 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 3 mpv

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are videos from your customers that have already tried your product or service. Needless to say, when they endorse it, it convinces others to go for it too. Testimonials have been tried again and again with great success by brands big and small to convince customers who are still on the fence when it comes to deciding. Here’s an example of how zendesk uses testimonial videos on their website.

inclreaseB2bsales 4 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 4 mpv

Case-study videos

Much like testimonials, case studies showcase what you have done. The customer feels reassured about your capabilities and feels like investing in you. The more authentic and heartfelt these case studies, the more likely are they to buy from you. Here is an example of a case study video made for Dell: 

Videos to retain your customers:

Getting your customer’s attention, convincing them, and converting them is only part of the customer journey. To increase sales and maintain your lead, you need to ensure that you retain. They need to come back to you for more, they need to turn to you anytime a need arises, they need to become evangelists for your brand. For this to happen, you need to build brand loyalty.

Videos after sign-up

You can have various types of videos once the sign-up happens. You could welcome the new customers with a cool video, or thank them, you could create short demo videos about the product or service, or there could be a fun “what you can expect” video. Use this opportunity to make the customer get excited about the brand they have chosen. Many websites like photoshop opt to create playlists for beginners to engage them.

inclreaseB2bsales 5 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 5 mpv

Announcement videos

Did launch a new product? Announce it? Did your office go on a trip? Announce it. Are you starting a new branch? Announce it. Really, announce everything that goes on within and without your organization to keep your audience in the loop and keep them interested. They will remember you, they will come back to you, and they will increase sales for you. Check out an example of an announcement video for GigaGrams:

Videos to educate your customers

Even if your customers are B2B customers and not B2C, there is a good chance that they will have a lot of questions regarding your brand and the multiple ways in which they can benefit from it. If you could educate them, they would realize that there is limitless potential to your brand’s usage, they may even want to share this wisdom with others. Educating the customers makes them want to come around and invest in other products and services that you offer to enhance their experience. Implying? You increase sales, of course!

Demo videos

Demo videos are pretty straightforward. They just take your customers through a screen capture demo of your product or service. It shows the features and trimmings, a basic walkthrough so to speak. The video can be fun, short, and peppy. Alternatively, it can be long and in-depth. Depending on the goal you have in mind, it can be made to become the voice of your brand. Figma’s demo video is one of the most viewed demo videos on Vimeo.


If your product or service has exhaustive features, there is no way that you could cover each of those nifty little details in one video. But each one of these details could have the potential to increase sales. Tutorials tackle this issue. They help your customers explore your offering in multiple ways and encourage them to get creative with it. Wix always uses tutorials effectively to reach out to their customers.

inclreaseB2bsales 6 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 6 mpv

Videos to entertain your customers

Entertainment is the last thing that comes to mind when one thinks of B2B videos. But as have iterated, again and again, B2B customers are people too, at the end of the day. And there’s nothing like an entertaining video to endear yourself to the customer and make them want to stay by your side. These videos can be sent via email and updated on your social media to increase your spread.


Greetings especially Newyear and Christmas greetings are a great opportunity to spread goodwill. A sweet little message around this time is like a reminder,” hello, remember us”? It can also double up as a reminder of why they loved you in the first place, and if you have some new announcement to make, hey, here’s your chance! Big brands like Salesforce have been doing this for years now!

inclreaseB2bsales 7 mpv
inclreaseB2bsales 7 mpv

Social causes

You may not think creating a social video may increase sales, but it connects to people and creates an impact. Social videos move hearts and when you can connect them to entrepreneurs, they become so memorable that businesses remember them for a long time. You need not always take a very strong political stand, sometimes you can just take a supportive stand as a brand, and your empathy touches the heart and goes viral. That’s what Shopify did in the video below:

When your aim is to increase sales, your must look at customers as people, more than numbers, and then look at how to build the relationship. It is a journey built over a period of time, and there are videos that can be created catering to every part of this journey to enhance this experience.
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