Video Marketing- Why you need to be consistent

Video Marketing- Why You Need To Be Consistent

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

When it comes to popularising your business, there’s no beating video marketing. Impact, entertainment, engagement, shareability- these are just a few of the benefits a video brings. Naturally hence, creating a video for your brand is great. But the question is this- why limit yourself to just one video? If this is what just one video can do, imagine what consistent video marketing can do for your business!

Never go out-of-sight

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind, sad but true. And thus to stay relevant in the minds of their audience, brands don’t leave any stone unturned. But despite this, recall seems elusive. That’s where consistent video marketing helps. It keeps your brand always alive. If your videos are enjoyable and reach your customers where they are at, there is a good chance they will actually look forward to your videos. They will want more and more videos from you.

Speak about it, showcase it

Your video marketing is not just for popularity. It is also for creating brand awareness. Video marketing also helps educate the customers about your new products and features. B2C companies often use video advertisements for showcasing their new innovations. But now even B2B companies are understanding the need for video content. With a video, you can speak about your company, your value system, your innovation, your differentiators, your upcoming ideas, and a lot more. Depending on the need, you can make these videos long or short to appropriately engage your audience.

Build trust and loyalty

Every time you create a video, you reinforce your message to the customer. This message is almost like a promise you make- about your brand values. Each time your audience sees this, an instant connection to your brand is re-established within them. And as you keep saying the same message again and again via this audio-visual medium, it sinks into their psyche and they develop trust and loyalty towards the brand. Being inconsistent with your videos is like not giving needed space to let these loyalties grow. Your customers will not be able to create the deep bond with the brand that is so important when it comes to making decisions. So a good video marketing campaign, not just stays consistent in coming up with content, but also stays consistent in the message it puts out, thus creating a deeper relationship with the consumer.

Keep competition at bay

Consistent video marketing helps constantly engage your customers, we’ve already seen this. But this commitment to creating videos often and consistently keeps you a step ahead of your competitors too. Your customers will know your brand and recognise it from the video content you put forth and choose you over unknown brands. Videos have also been seen to convert better than all other content. They also are perfect tools for lead generation. So if you want to one-up the stiff competition you have, try video marketing, and do so often.

Consistent Video= Consistent leveling up of your marketing game

In summary, herein lies the message we want to say- if you want to level up your marketing, consistent video marketing is the way to go. Marketing, sometimes, is a game of speculation, where a lot can go right or wrong. But the one thing you cannot go wrong with is the act of making videos consistently. If you have a video team that can deliver, quick, high-quality video content periodically, you can be assured that your marketing is always going in the right direction.

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