Planshaadi promo video- a love story with a happy ending

Planshaadi promo video

Love, romance and happy endings….if you are a sucker for all things sweet, our PlanShaadi promo video will definitely touch a chord with you. The promo video tells a beautiful story of two people who fell in love as they grew up and decided to consummate their love by getting married. Though raised abroad, they are both of Indian origin and prefer an authentic South Asian wedding. PlanShaadi helps them in doing just that.

Planshaadi 4 Promo Video 300x256

Planshaadi 4 promo video

As we had a very cooperative client in Davinder, we were able to experiment a lot in the PlanShaadi promo video. Hence this video became one that had many firsts for us. As always, it all started off with the script. Udhay had put together a cute story. We had the unique chance to have Nisha with us here at our Coimbatore office. It was a fun experience having her in the office and discussing the plot of the script face-to-face. The next first was having two scriptwriters for a script. When Nisha and I worked together, it was an enlightening time for both of us (I hope!) We were able to fill gaps in each other’s work and fine tune it.

When mentioning the scripts, I have to mention a distinct feature of the narrative- we had two-person dialogues for our PlanShaadi promo video. A male and a female were to narrate the story of Rajan and Sheila. This great idea came from Davinder and we loved it!

Planshaadi 2 Promo Video 300x157

Planshaadi 2 promo video

We had already established that PlanShaadi promo video would have to have an emotional connect. Now we moved on to a feature that would enhance the same- the visuals. As the story was to show various stages of the lives of two people, we had our first challenge. The faces of the characters had to be drawn to show the various stages of their life. This was a maiden project for Nanda and he bowled us over with his illustrations of the characters. Rajan and Sheila were easily recognizable as the same person as kids, adolescents, and adults. His masterstroke continued with the other illustrations as well. We used a special style of layout. Each scene was placed to show depth, even in 2D. The objects in the background looked as if they were in the background! Colors were chosen to be vibrant and bright, in keeping with the theme of the video.

Planshaadi 3 Promo Video 300x163

Planshaadi 3 promo video

The first part of the video had a “period” feel to it, to show the past. And the entire story was deftly brought to life with deceivingly simple animations by
. We used only two characters to draw the focus to the story. The interface of the website was easily integrated into the story.

Yet another first forPlanShaadi promo video was the mode of communication. We used Facebook groups for both internal communications and for communicating with the client. The model worked smoothly and soon we were using Facebook for all our communication.

Davinder liked our final video so much that he decided to design and brand his website around the two protagonists of the video. Rajan and Sheila’s love story now inspires all those aspiring to a complete South Asian wedding through PlanShaadi! PlanShaadi promo video has had a lovely happy ending!

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