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Turtlemint is an online insurance platform that identifies and purchases appropriate insurance policies for consumers. With Turtlemint, Compare, buy or renew care, bike, health & life insurance from multiple insurers across India under one roof.

The challenge

Through this video, we had to convince the audience that Turtlemint can be relied upon for their financial decisions and it is unbiased, transparent and smart advisor and buying insurance from it is better than buying direct from the insurer.

The "Turtlemint" guy

As the word “Insurance” is ubiquitous. To makes things interesting, we planned to the design a mascot for turtlemint! We called him the “turtlemint” guy. This gave lighter tone to the video. Also used comedic elements that relate to the concept of insurance, such as unexpected situations that require coverage or the benefits of having insurance.

Turtlemint | Brand Explainer Video -Characters
Turtlemint | Brand Explainer Video -Verification

Buy Insurance the Smart way

Turtlemint’s tagline “Buy Insurance the Smart way” was very contagious in a good way. It was catchy & communicable. We elevated the story with this phrase. Also built engaging, unique & exciting visual elements around the script to make it more appropriate.

How to land on your feet? When things fall upside down!

As the video revolves around a mascot & characters who faceproblem or risk that is mitigated by insurance. This helped to create an emotional connection with the audience and make the topic more relatable. Injecting humor into the video made it more engaging and entertaining. This video helped to build a compelling marketing campaign for Turtlemint’s insurance offerings.

Turtlemint | Brand Explainer Video -Truck

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