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Henry Inc

Henry Inc is a team of skilful 3D modellers, illustrators, artists and software developers as well as a select group of trusted outside structural and civil engineers will bring your dream project real as it should be.

The challenge

Though there are many good production and Installation companies, we had to convey the idea of pre-construction through this video which is the greatest value that Henry Inc brings to the table. How they get the product and planning right on the front end, help architects, general contractors and owners meet their budgets, stay on schedule, and fully achieve design intent.

The right foundation

After a decade in the Industry, it is rare that we get to work on a line-of-business we haven’t worked on before. Henry Inc. came to us with a requirement for a explainer video what excited us most was that here was an opportunity to work with something unique.

Henry Inc | Corporate overview video-blueprint
Henry Inc | corporate overview video-Model

Elevate the merely functional to something artistic

Our Henry Inc. explainer video speaks about the importance of style and aesthetics for a building. And it is the same value we stand by, here at Mypromovideos. We did not want to compromise on design and animation quality, at any cost. Even if we were talking about regular architectural things like plumbing or building, we wanted to elevate it to the art through our skills.

One with the brand, yet unique

We had to use the brand colors of Henry Inc. But the client was clear that they did not want it to look monotonous. We didn’t want it to be mundane either, we wanted to add our own zing to the explainer. So we started looking for ways to improvise. We achieved it with the use of shadows and gradients. A beautiful gradient, made of Henry Inc. brand colors, was created.

Henry Inc | Corporate-overview video-Building

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