Why video aesthetics matter to your brand

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

So why do think the video aesthetics matter to your brand? Remember the terrible shirt your mom used to force you to wear as a child? She used make you tuck it in and button it all the way up to the collar, while all the cool kids were roaming the streets with cool T-shirts? I’m sure all of us have had experiences like this- stories of mortifying parental fashion sense.

Ever wondered what made it all so embarrassing? It was not the uncomfortable clothes (God knows we have all borne our fair share of pain in the name of latest fashion) but rather it was the worry about our “image”.  As children we were able to understand a very valuable aspect of branding- aesthetics. What we wore defined our attitude to the world, it expressed how we wanted the world to see us, it was communication without words– and we wanted to be accepted, nay respected, amongst our peers.

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So dear reader, introspection time- what do you want people to think about your brand?

  • Do you want them to love it?
  • Do you want it to stand out?
  • Do you want it to be perceived as something of immense value? I

would really want to meet a person who answers no to these questions and is still serious about brand building (No actually, I do not want to meet that person, if you are one of those creeps who has answered no, please note it was more of a hypothetical/theoretical meeting I was alluding to!!)

If you answered yes, then you know that you cannot compromise on your brand’s image.

When you think :“It is only about the message after all, if the message is there- they will pay attention”[

Here’s what you need to think:

Yup, you bet it is about the message. Message is the most important part of the video. But know what? How your video looks is a big part of your message. It is what you had already guessed as a child. A non-verbal message. It speaks about the importance you, the person conveying this message, are attaching to the brand. Even a simple Diwali Message could get elevated with the right aesthetics and make people more attached to your brand.

When you think :“Making my video beautiful is way too costly, I can get it cheaper.

Here’s what you need to think:

Firstly, nope an attractive, appealing video is not necessarily costly. But if you are looking for cheap, be warned that the output may be cheap too. You are making a brand that people are going to depend on and your video needs to reflect the same confidence.

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When you think :“Nobody will know the difference.

Here’s what you need to think:

Can you make out the difference between an original designer-made dress vs. a cheap fake?

Aesthetics - original designer-made dress vs. a cheap fake
Aesthetics – original designer-made dress vs. a cheap fake

Well, you can, can’t you? How? It is all about the quality. Rest assured that your customers and potential viewers can instinctively feel the same fall in quality when you compromise.

When you think :“Creating these type of videos takes too much time”

Here’s what you need to think:

Yes, quality does take time. But do you want to show your brand as rushed-up and half-baked? If the aesthetics are not right, that is what your customers will feel. Your video is a window to your brand and how it looks could speak a lot about how much you value excellence. So plan in advance and give enough time to your creators to come out with a product you can proudly show  as your own.


So: Good quality videos with good aesthetics= good branding. Remembering that will do your brand a world of good!

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