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Last Updated on June 8, 2023

Phew! Whew! And all that jazz….finally I get a breather. Thought why not continue the good work Nisha has been doing with the list of fives (Not read those? Check them out-here) and bring you another list of Five, this time the five funniest explainer videos. Yeah it is really, really tough to select the funniest ones ‘cause there’s hordes o’ funny explainers out there and of course funniness is subjective.

But still, here are some that we feel may be pretty high on their funny quotient. Also we wanted to present you with some variety so have selected different types of humor. Hope you enjoy….Ready? Here’s the list in random order

Dietbet :
Ok,so maybe not ha-ha-ha, ROFLMAO funny but it does give you lot of smiles. Especially the visuals with all the food and the words with all the food references…Oh my god! How cruel, cruel can you get on the poor dieters! I really love the way the word “Diet” is introduced as well. The office fridge challenge and wearing “I love Bieber” shirt challenge, make you smile, despite yourself. The weigh-in where one of the characters cheats are all things that make for good humor. All-in-all, a very well-planned humorous explainer, methinks- how about you?

Havana Heat – Good Books Great Writers Series:
Oh boy! If you are ok with a more than a little “risque” humor then this is the one for you. The entire narrative is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Mills and Boon books but club it with double-meaning references and imageries and the seductive, sultry narration and you wonder- is this really just an explainer for a bookstore? Curious? Check it out. Although bewarned that it is slightly NSFW, so be sure that there are no bosses, or impressionable kids around. Just kidding…or maybe not ;P Make sure you see it to the end!

This video is in complete contrast to the above one- it is completely clean and absolutely fun. This is cute and sweet humor at its best. Much like the Epipheos, we’re huge fans of Grumo Media, especially the Grumo brand of humor. And this video is especially funny with the repeated use of “Geeky” and the adorable VO changes and the oh-so lovable characters and also? A pig with wings of bread that flies! How cool is that?!! And the earth actually smiles in this vid! Then there’s this mock formula…I don’t know about you, but I smile each time I see this explainer video!

Nerds on Site :
As we’ve already mentioned Epipheo, can a video by them be far behind? Actually, this studio has been giving us source material for laughs for a long time now. In the Nerds on Site video, the characters are shown “nerding out” over their technical achievements. Throughout the video, the animation is fun and engaging, with simple but effective visuals that help to explain the concepts being discussed. The tone is light-hearted and humorous, making the video enjoyable to watch.

We did have to include one of our babies, didn’t we? But choosing one was difficult. Finally we selected this because it is unique and very different from all the videos we have above. Take the retro VO, for instance, or the very premise that HR would be involved in superhero hunt…it is pretty funny. Then when we look at the goofy contestants, or the Van Damme reference split that the selected superhero does and we find more smile spots. Keep looking at this video, there are lots of humorous easter eggs you’ll discover.

Whooeeey! So that rounds up this top five funniest explainer videos list.

Bonus: Lets have more fun!

Listing few more funny explainer video examples below.videos are engaging and light-hearted visual presentations that use humor to explain complex concepts, products, or ideas. They employ witty dialogue, amusing characters, and comedic scenarios to entertain and engage viewers while effectively conveying information.

Bhub Studio

The Bhub explainer video is a delightful blend of creativity and humor. Its collage-style presentation, featuring a playful mix of colors, black and white photography, and video, adds to its unique charm. What makes it even more amusing is the fact that the video itself revolves around a studio that specializes in creating explainer videos, adding an extra layer of humor to the content.


With exciting animation and diverse and one-of-a-kind characters that capture the essence of their diverse audience, Communyco video is not only fun and playful but also inclusive, ensuring everyone feels represented.

IT-MAN solves your everyday

Get ready for a hilarious ride with the “IT-MAN” animation video. Panorama9 took a brilliant approach to reach the generation of video game enthusiasts in their workforce. They created a fully-themed, 8-BIT video game-inspired explainer video for their cloud-based enterprise Network management service. With an engaging storyline, captivating visuals, and nostalgic sound effects, this video is not only entertaining but also sparks conversations and sharing, making it one of the all-time best IT explainer videos.

Mick and Tel: Pussycat!

Prepare for laughter with the “DeadHappy Mick and Tel: Pussycat!” animation video. DeadHappy, a refreshingly unique life insurance company, tackles the sensitive topic of death head-on, asking customers what they want to happen after they pass away. To stand out in a crowded market, they opted for an animated video that not only differentiates their brand visually and thematically but also serves as a humorous and engaging tool to move leads down the marketing funnel with a touch of comedy.

Dumb ways to die

Experience a hilariously morbid adventure with the “Dumb Ways to Die” animation video. This colorful and catchy creation features adorable beans engaging in absurdly dangerous activities, with lyrics like “set fire to your hair” and “eat a two-week-old unrefrigerated pie” matching their actions. As the beans meet unfortunate fates, they come together in a lively dance. With a perfect blend of cuteness and dark humor, this video will have you singing along and contemplating the unpredictable nature of life’s “dumb ways to die.”

Do you have any to add to it? Do let us know and until the next time one of us has a brainwave for a blog,Ta-ta!

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