20 Examples of Explainer Videos from Top Brands 2020

20 Examples of Explainer Videos from Top Brands 2020

Explainer videos. Your brand needs at least one. And if you are looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Last year we showed you how Top Brands use explainer videos with some awesome examples. And this year, we are back with 20 more! Why? Because we want to give you as many options as we can so that you can choose the style that is perfect for your brand. 

Of course, like the last time, we have tried to give you a rich variety of brands using explainer videos. We have also included a good selection of styles of explainer videos to help you- find everything from motion graphics, to mixed medium, to 3D, to live-plus-animation….really a whole plethora of styles.  Note to keep in mind- this list is in random order, and the order does not define the merit of the videos. So, shall we begin?

1.Hyundai – Metaphors

This is a beautiful example of real footage mixed with motion graphics. What makes this video stand out among other similar brand videos is the use of chic colors that contrast very well with the red of the Hyundai car, and the red that is used to actually accentuate the oneness with the brand. The message is clear and simple, with “metaphors”, of course. Overall, this video is a treat to watch.

2.Lenovo- Tiny Guys

There are some Explainer videos that stick to the mind due to their innovative thinking. This one, created for Lenovo Yoga Book, is one such. Without the use of any words, just creative motion graphics, this video brings out all the different ways in which the product can be used. The tiny guys around it are entertaining and memorable. 

3.Alibaba Group- How Cainiao Logistics Delivers

Here is an example of 3D being put to good use. The explainer video effectively explains how Cainiao Logistics from Alibaba Group works by using towns and rural areas as metaphors. It looks neat and ties in very well with the direct script. 

4.American Express-American Express Platinum 

Explainer videos rarely look better than this. The animation (again, motion graphics) is excellent. The concept is well thought out. The script is good. The music is on-point. The color choice is smart. The video length is just right. American Express Platinum commercial really does a good job.

5.Nintendo Switch- Super Beat Sports

According to their website “Super Beat Sports is a collection of five sports-themed mini games with a twist – everything is musical.” It is very important for explainer videos to do justice to the product description. So does this one do it? You bet! It is a lively, colorful, musical treat that is eye-catching and energetic to the core. 

6.Samsung- Samsung GS7

Mind-blowing motion graphics! Three words that explain why this makes it to our list of explainer videos. Although it is just a small teaser, it does a great job of explaining the wondrous possibilities of the phone. With minimal use of colors, it succeeds in drawing our attention to the product. 

7.Facebook – Life Events

Funky color, precise motion graphics, entertaining assets, engaging music, apt text-this video has a lot going for it. It is pleasant to watch, and because it has multiple elements it lends itself to the possibility of being watched multiple times. So go ahead, treat your eyes and see how many items you can catch!

8.Intel- Hype

A good script goes a long way in making an explainer video great. And the script of this video is very good. The animation and illustrations are also world-class and go very well with what the voice over is trying to convey. A highly intelligent video, perfect for the brand.

9.Nike- Yoga

Explainer videos can also be great for branding. This video is a spectacular example of it. It uses celebrities in live footage and then transitions into motion graphics based rotoscopy to create a spectacle of sports. The cuts easily explain how yoga is useful for sports without using any words. The entire video is seamless…true delight.


Explainer videos rarely get made so perfectly. The entire journey of the Mercedes-Benz van is depicted beautifully, humorously and entertainingly. The characters are silhouettes- bare minimum – but don’t fail in conveying every emotion with perfection. Every scene has been well-planned and every word in the voiceover is in-sync with the animation.

11.Mirinda- Messes with your senses

A blast of color and an explosion of energy! Really Mirinda could not have expressed its message better. Although the VO is not in English, anybody can understand what is being said. It is surprising and gives you a peppy punch, so much like the drink itself. Explainer videos sometimes don’t need to explain much, kickass motion graphics can often do the talking!

12.GE- An Apollo 11 Story

If you have a wonderful story to tell, make sure you tell it! This video weaves the contribution of GE to Apollo 11 into a beautiful narrative via the memories of a woman who visited her father as a child. The narration is heartwarming. Animation and the illustrations do a very good job of adding value to this explainer video.


Ever seen explainer videos that are also greeting cards? Well, this video is one such. It effectively explains the products by tying it with a gentle holiday story, with a gingerbread couple as protagonists. Ah! Sweet! (Pun, intended)

14. L’Oreal Paris- Velvet lacquer promotion

How can fashion brands create explainer videos depicting their exciting range of products? This is how. The elegant video uses classic design elements, chic fonts and colors with interesting music to impress us. Could they have used fantastic motion graphics? They could. But here the animation is bare minimum so that the designs and colors can make their presence felt. 

15.Red Bull: Kris Bryant Can

Red Bull came out with a special edition can, dedicated to Kris Bryant. This video trumpets this message with a jaw-dropping frame-by-frame animation of Kris Bryant doing what he does best. Oh boy! No words are needed for this one, you can actually feel the flames!

16.DOVE- ‘Im Fine’

So many children, so many people actually, go about their lives feeling inadequate. Dove addresses this issue. It combines live footage with exceptional motion graphics for this. The slam poetry style of voiceover makes this stand out from other explainer videos. There is a soul to this message, and you can feel it in this video.

17. Cadbury- Marvellous Creations Film

This video innovative on many levels. Is the concept great? Yes. Is the animation and style awesome? Absolutely. Does the message come through effectively? You bet! But the innovation comes with a description we found on the website with the “1500 frames (of the animation)  being posted on a custom build Marvellous Creations website where anyone could color in the frames for the duration of the campaign”. How awesome is that? Who wouldn’t want such innovative explainer videos, right?


18. IKEA -Brighter Lives For Refugees

Many corporates turn to explainer videos to create Public Social Awareness campaigns for their CSR activities. If you are looking for a little inspiration for the same, here is an excellent example. Camera movement, lighting, script, and gentle music go a long way in elevating this motion graphics beauty to the next level.

19.TESCO – Lord of Logistics

This is a truly brilliant video. This is what explainer videos are supposed to be like- explaining without actually pushing the message down the viewer’s throat. The entire functioning is brought out in the form of an exciting 8-bit game. The SFX is great. High levels of creativity, indeed!


20.Taco Bell – Intro

Here is a classic “explainer video of explainer videos”. It is soooooooo amazing. The scripting, the explanation, the motion graphics, the color choice, the transitions, the music, SFX…yep…it has pretty much everything going for it. If you want to be a top brand, aim for a video like this! Your search for explainer video examples from Top Brand ends here. 



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