40 Best explainer video examples to get inspired – From top brands of 2023

Best Explainer Video Examples To Get Inspired

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

The Explainer video is here to stay. We have seen everyone using explainer videos- startups, established businesses, mom&pop shops, NGOs, Government institutions, giant corporates, and top brands. Explainer video (this is for those of you who may have been living under a rock because there is no other way you could have missed the whole animation/marketing revolution) is usually a short video that explains any message or describes a product or service in an engaging, entertaining way- mostly through animation. The explainer video is also called “explainer” for short. This is a prominent tool in video marketing strategy. Such videos have helped a lot of businesses. Here are our list of best 40 explainer video from top brands.

(Note: These 40 best examples are in no particular order)

1. GOOGLE: Google for work – Explainer video

Over the years, Google has been using animated explainer videos extensively to showcase and explain a wide range of its offerings. These videos are nothing short of fantastic. One of the top 20 examples, the “Google for Work” animated explainer video below is an example of 2d animation. Note how it makes use of colors that remind us of Google. The voice over is conversational and well-thought-out to keep us interested without confusing us. The explainer does not use characters and yet the objects communicate effectively with the help of motion graphics animations that compliment the narrator perfectly. Such explainer videos help businesses and marketers.

2. MCDONALD’S: Drive-Thru car free day – An awesome explainer video

Mc Donald’s is a fun brand that encourages a vigor for life. It is very important that it comes across as such in its communication. So when it has to make an explainer video explaining something, that’s exactly what it is going to do. It had to explain to the customer that on a specific day, there would be no cars allowed in the “drive-thru”. And so did it by using a whole lot of diverse scenarios and styles, with energetic fun people in all modes of transport, except cars. This explainer video style uses bold colors and upbeat sounds, in-keeping with the brand personality. And oh my! What a treat the video is!

3. WESTJET: First Flight – A best explainer

Among the explainer video examples to inspire, WestJet video is a good example. Flight safety videos are SO BORING. So what do you do? Maybe add a little bit of fun, a cute character, a charming storyline and a generous sprinkle of magic. And voila! You have an explainer video for flight safety that your customers would love and actually pay attention to. The video presented here is just a glimpse of the longer video and makes a very good case for the argument that anything that is “common” need not be “boring”. It all depends on whether you can put a fresh spin on the old narrative. This video is a very good example of top brand explainer video production.

4. AT&T: Connected – A great explainer Video

This animated explainer video from AT&T really stands out. It uses illustrations that are breathtaking, it uses colors that are calming, the voiceover is spot-on but above and beyond all this, the transitions of this video make it memorable. This effective explainer video shows and speaks about connections and visually shows the same by seamlessly going from one scene to another with one common element at the center. And that common element is the device on which AT&T is present. This video takes a subtle yet impactful way to imprint the branding! This is good example of a brand story!

5. IBM: IBM Hybrid data management – 2D explainer

We can clearly see the need for an explainer video with IT-related companies like IBM. The products and services they provide can often be tough to explain. And with this comes another challenge for the brand communicators- if the idea is presented in too simple terms, it may not appeal to the intellect of its very smart audience. An explainer video, like the one in the example, bridges this gap very well. The narration is intelligent and educated about the topic, just like the target audience. The explainer uses colors that are professional and brand-related. This type of animated explainer video with icons and meaningful animation bring the message to life.

6. Mastercard: By the numbers – 2D animated explainer

Like IBM, MasterCard, too, has a challenge. And the challenge is that it the services it provides are perceived as complicated. But unlike IBM, they have to communicate to the masses. So how can they overcome the challenge? By making an explainer video that is as clear as possible. The video uses easy narrative and clubs it with scenes that are easy on the eye. The scenes are flat, minimal, clean and simple. The animation, though brilliant, is never in-your-face. The characters are featureless and yet diverse. A beautiful, calming video helps to convey the message with warmth.

7. BBC: BBC red button – a great example of an explainer video

When TV channels need an explainer video, it is usually to explain a new feature or service they have added. This another great example is no different. What is different is the brilliant integration of real-life footage with animation. The scenes change and match to fit into a whole story. Pretty illustrations, engaging music, and the VO are other wins here. Watch this video below

8. TOMS: The TOMS story – one of the best explainer video

Click the play button and you are immediately immersed into a beautiful story that this fabulous explainer showcases. A story that has emotion, and depth. A story that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you love TOMS. The video production company has used unique painting-like quality of the illustrations, the immersive animation, the truthful narration makes you want to watch this explainer video again and again.

9. KFC: Youth foundation – Animation explainer

An explainer video about youth has to be youthful, right? Well, this video gives you a full dose of it, right from the word go. The complex, intricate illustrations, the whistle in the music, the ultra-cool transitions used in this video are all jaw-droppingly good. It is so mesmerizing that there is no way you will catch everything in one go. But the message? Yeah, the message with reach you with all clarity.

10. TWITTER: Event targetting – Unique amond the types of explainer videos

A brand like Twitter has people using it for all kinds of reasons. So when it creates an explainer video it has to bear this in mind. This explainer video uses the brand colors and adds a dash of yellow, just to spice it up a bit. The design is flat, minimalistic and sleek. Various elements come together in each scene to enhance the variety of the visual narrative. The animation is smooth motion graphical.

11. VERIZON: Driving history – among the best explainer video examples

Cute and simple, this Verizon explainer video is like a breath of fresh air. It makes use of line illustrations to make the video come to life. While the interfaces are seen on one side, a gentle little story unravels on the other side. You move from one place to another, with no jerks. It makes limited use of colors. Lines and geometric shapes are used with elegance. The secondary animations are such that you may not even notice that they are there.

12. COCA-COLA: Ribbon – No live action but lively

Among the explainer video expamples to inspire, this video is unique. From simple to absolutely explosive. This explainer video makes you understand why the kind of video you choose has all to do with the brand it represents. When Coca-cola had to explain how it could help its customers enjoy the FIFA World Cup, it did not hold back. The animated explainer video is a celebration of colors, sounds, fun people and all that’s football, and all that’s Brazil. The character animation in the video is outstanding. Play and buckle in for a joy ride!

13. AMAZON: Smart home – Product explainer video

Amazon is now everywhere and is getting into the smart home business in a big way. This example (taken from many of Amazon’s explainer videos) is a great example to inspire of how the brand reaches out to the customer. The voice is soothing and gentle- almost like Alexa. The scenes are brilliant in their simplicity. The decor is stylish. The use of colors is limited and evocative of Amazon’s brand colors. The character expressions are to-the-point. Thin lines are used throughout for illustration. The grainy texture and the play of shadows make the video truly sophisticated-looking, without being snobbish.

14. VOLKSWAGEN: Snap out there – the visual makes a great explainer video

In one word: AMAZING. This animated explainer video makes almost poetic use of illustrations and animations. Every detail has been given careful attention. Even the animals have a character and nature, all their own. The voiceover is remarkable- rhythmic, half-narrative, half-singing, and it is the life and soul of a video that is already a win on so many levels. Want to watch a video to communicate something as much for the message as for the sheer beauty of it? Click play.

15. DOMINO’S: Pan Pizza – Animated explainer

Domino’s wanted to explain how they deliver fresh handmade pizza. Their solution? This video is one of best examples of explainers. A beautiful explainer video.  This is an example of how a video can use stop motion. The voiceover explains how the video is “handmade” just like the pizza. This video is an excellent example of how we can use various mediums to meet our purpose. Would this video have taken a lot of thought, time and effort? Most likely, yes. Is it all worth it? Most definitely, yes.

16. Apple: Designed by Apple in California – An effective explainer

The Apple explainer video understands what is at the core of any explanation- the message. Once you get the message right, everything else falls into place. Apple, being the global brand that it is, always shows how less can be more. This is a very unique explainer video. Just dots and lines are used in the video to communicate the message. The video content script is precise and enlightening, it is the sort of script that makes you think and connect with the brand. The animation using circle is not the first time such a style has been attempted but it fits perfectly with this message. The music makes us forget that there is no voiceover and immerses us in the video. The transitions match the music and the meaning of the explainer video.

17. VISA: Threat intelligence – A smart 2D explainer

Every financial firm owes one explainer video to its clients- an explainer video on how they give security a top priority.  Visa’s animated explainer video on threat intelligence is not only effective but is also very appealing aesthetically. Motion graphic animation, icons, and secondary animations are used to create a sense of smartness. The colors are professional and so is the voice. When you look at the video, you may miss the kind of effort that went into the smaller details, but the overall sense of beauty stays with you along with the message. This is a smart explainer video example. 

18. OREO: Aladdin – Not a 3D animation but has a mind blowing animation

Looking to create an explainer of a fantasy theme. You are at the right place. Cream-filled Oreos need no explanation, but when you need to explain it, how do you do? This explainer video is not your typical explainer. It is more of a movie, a fantasy. It uses mind-blowing cell animation to recreate the magic of the Arabian Nights. The swirling animation is reminiscent of the creamy Oreo and also connects to the dreamlike story as well. The song is sweet and charming, just like the brand. The video demonstrates a funny imaginary sequence that brings out what the brand wants to convey- an Oreo could resolve a lot of tension 🙂

19. FACEBOOK: One good example of best practices video

Does a brand explainer video have to stick to the brand colors? Well, not necessarily and here is a brilliant example of the same. This video has everything a good explainer must have: a clear explanation that is in a warm conversational tone, use of interface scenes only when necessary, visually pretty and memorable design, unique colors and characters, and flawless animation. Not sure how your explainer video should be? This is a perfect example to turn to.

20. STARBUCKS: Give Good – This video is a visual treat!

Traversing myriad locations and connecting diverse people, this video is a visual treat. The explainer video uses images and clever animation to show how experiences vary around the festival season and yet they are all connected via a brand like Starbucks. We begin with hand-drawing doodles, and continue to animation, and finally end with the same being depicted on Starbucks cup.

21. HYUNDAI – Metaphors – A stunning explainer video

This video combines real footage with motion graphics to create a visually stunning explainer video. The use of chic colors contrasts well with the red of the Hyundai car and accents the oneness with the brand.

22. LENOVO – Tiny guys – This video beats a live action explainer

This video for Lenovo Yoga Book uses creative motion graphics and tiny characters to demonstrate the different ways the product can be used.

23. ALIBABA GROUP- How Cainiao logistics delivers – An effective explainer example

This 3D explainer video uses towns and rural areas as metaphors to effectively explain how Cainiao Logistics from Alibaba Group works.

24. AMERICAN EXPRESS – America Express Platinum – A favorite explainer

This animation uses motion graphics to explain the features of the American Express Platinum card. The concept is well thought out, the script is good, and the music is on point. A good animated video which attracts viewer’s attention.

25. NINTENDO SWITCH- Super beat sports

One awesome explainer video example that showcases the power of creative techniques is the Super Beat Sports explainer video. This video uses lively colors, music, and a collection of sports-themed mini-games to showcase the actual product.

26. SAMSUNG- SAMSUNG GS7 – A cool explainer

This video uses mind-blowing motion graphics to explain the features of the Samsung GS7 phone with minimal use of colors. This is one of the favorite explainer video examples. Creating explainer videos is easy but the approach is what matters. THIS VIDEO DOES A GREAT JOB.

27. FACEBOOK – Live events – A feature promo video

Another facebook video on our list. This video uses funky colors, precise motion graphics, entertaining assets, and engaging music to showcase the Life Events feature on Facebook. The video highlights the life events feature of the app.

28. INTEL- HYPE – Animated explainer

This explainer video uses world-class animation and illustrations to complement the good script and voiceover. It’s a highly intelligent video that’s perfect for the Intel brand. As always, Intel create amazing explainer videos, this is good example.

29. NIKE- YOGA – Live-action explainer video

This is a unique example of live-action explainer. This video uses celebrities in live footage and motion graphics to create a spectacle of sports, demonstrating the usefulness of yoga without using any words. This explainer video does a great job. This style is more effective than just live-action videos.

30. MERCEDES-Vanapalooza – Animation video

This is another explainer video example that it unique and intriguing. This explainer video depicts the journey of the Mercedes-Benz van. This video does a good job. This video brings out the message beautifully, humorously, and entertainingly, with well-planned scenes and perfectly synced voiceover.

31. MIRINDA – Messes with your senses – A kick-ass video

This video uses kickass motion graphics to convey Mirinda’s message without explaining much. The blast of color and explosion of energy perfectly represent the drink itself.

32. GE- An APOLLO 11 Story – A heart warming video example

This video weaves GE’s contribution to Apollo 11 into a beautiful narrative via the memories of a woman who visited her father as a child. The video also is heartwarming, and the animation and illustrations add value to the story. This is one of the video examples to get inspired and aspires to make your own explainer video.

33. VISA-Holidays – A 3D animated explainer

Ever seen explainer videos that are also greeting cards? Well, this video is one such. It effectively explains the products by tying it with a gentle holiday story, with a gingerbread couple as protagonists. Ah! Sweet! 

34. L’OREAL PARIS – Velver lacquer promotion video

How can fashion brands create explainer videos depicting their exciting range of products? This is how. The elegant video blends classic design elements, chic fonts and colors with interesting music to impress us. Could they have used fantastic motion graphics? They could. But here the animation is bare minimum, very simple animations so that the designs and colors can make their presence felt. One of the classic examples of promotional video.

35. RED BULL: Kris Brayant can – Jaw dropping explainer!

Red Bull created an awesome explainer video with a special edition can dedicated to Kris Bryant. The frame-by-frame animation of Kris Bryant doing what he does best is jaw-dropping and makes this video worth it! The video is so powerful that you can actually feel the flames without any words.

36. DOVE- ‘I’m fine’ – Blend of live footage & mograph

Dove addresses the issue of people feeling inadequate in their daily lives. This explainer video combines live footage with exceptional motion graphics and slam poetry-style voiceover to make it stand out from other explainer videos. There is a soul to this message, and you can feel it in this video. Such hybrid types of videos work well with the audience.

37. CADBURY- A marvellous creations film

A top explainer video. This innovative explainer video by Cadbury has a great concept, animated characters, awesome animation and style, and an effective message. What makes it truly awesome is the 1500 frames of the animation that were posted on a custom-built Marvellous Creations website where anyone could color in the frames for the duration of the campaign. It’s an excellent example of an explainer video that is both innovative and engaging.

38. IKEA – Brighter lives for refugees – A CSR explainer

Usually an explainer is used to explain a product or service. This video by IKEA is an excellent example of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness campaign. This video to create awareness is a beauty. The camera movement, lighting, script, and gentle music elevate this motion graphics beauty to the next level. It’s a great example of how explainer videos can be used for marketing videos with a social message.

39. TESCO – Lord of logistics – A perfect explainer video

This explainer video is a perfect example of what explainer videos are supposed to be like – explaining without pushing the message down the viewer’s throat. The entire functioning is brought out in the form of an exciting 8-bit game with great SFX. It’s a highly creative explainer video that can inspire you to create an explainer video for your business.

40. TACO BELL – Intro – Animated 2D explainer

This video fulfils our the list of explainer videos. Taco Bell explainer video is a classic “explainer video of explainer videos.” It’s an amazing explainer video that has everything going for it, from scripting and explanation to motion graphics, color choice, transitions, music, and SFX. It’s a perfect example to inspire your next explainer video project.

Your search for explainer video examples from some of the biggest brands in the world ends here. 

CONCLUSION:- The best animated explainer video examples

An explainer video can be anything from “strictly explainer” to videos that explain a concept or philosophy. But when you create an explainer, you should always bear your brand identity in mind. These days, explainer videos can very well alleviate your brand to the next level if executed right. So go ahead, and give your brand a chance to connect better with your audience.

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