Mypromovideos – How I became a part of it?

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

I had decided. I wanted to make a career change. I looked at the things that i wanted – Creativity, Young Team, Fun and Friendly Environment, Startup, Global Clientele. I had always thought that I should be moving to Chennai or Bangalore or Mumbai to get all the above at one place. Little did i know I would get all of them in Coimbatore, the city that i loved the most.

Like they say in Vote of thanks in every school day “ The wheels started rolling months back for such a great event “ – My association with Mypromovideos also has an interesting past. Three out of four Co-founders were already known to me through one way or the other in the past year.

First I knew Gopal through Coimbatore Toastmasters Club where we speak, lead and evaluate to improve on our Public Speaking and Leadership. Gopal was the main reason I got to know a lot about Mypromovideos and he is an inspiration to anyone who loves books and believes in self-help or both.

Next was Anil – I had an opportunity to travel and stay with Gopal and Anil during “ The Goa Project” where they presented sessions on how one small meeting can lead to a big opportunity and how social media can have a positive impact on the growth of a StartUp.

The third Co-founder Santhosh was a part of my swimming team which won the gold medal in Intra-Asian Swimming championship err just kidding. We took swimming lessons for 15 days together and that was more than enough to get to know each other better. When it came to swimming, he was terrific and I was terrified.

The day of the interview came and it was Santhosh and Gopal who were the interviewers and I was the interviewee ( Phew – Got them right ). Though I knew them personally, I felt a little nervous as it was a interview.

The most expected question these days from LKG Admissions to Campus placements is Tell me about yourself. I was prepared for that – so did all the candidates who went for Interviews. But here was the twist – they asked me to tell a story. There was a challenge ahead of me – Should i tell him the crow and the fox story or the hare and the tortoise story. What will they think about me? And then I narrated a story that I read ages ago – a witch and a clever boy Pilipka.

Then came the second question to which almost 90 % of the Indian youth will say yes – It was like this “ Do you like playing Cricket? “ and I am a Indian and definitely young – and i loved Cricket as well. I said yes.

The next was a tricky question – “ If we call you on a Saturday and ask you to meet up a client – Will you go? “. I had read through a lot of blogs on, as to how managers love the candidates who go the extra mile or atleast say yes when asked. I nodded and said yes for which Santhosh replied – “ We respect your personal life and you will receive no such call on weekends “.

That was magical! Then I was given an assignment with ample time to think and act. It was to create a proposal document for a leading CRM company. I did that in two ways and i really loved drafting the proposal in the form of the story. Given the company’s collective love for storytelling, I was into Mypromovideos as a Story Strategist.

I am personally not a big fan of dogs and before the interview I did not know that they had two canines in their team. But after I got through and joined MPV as a Story Strategist, I looked at the team page to see curiously if my profile has been added, I was taken by shock as there were two angels ( Yeah they are adorable angels, they say) that I had to deal with.

Friends are the ones who help you conquer your greatest fears and in less than two weeks, I got used to working when Aero or Link was around. The fear was gone, at least with Aero.

To be continued …

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As someone who has worked in Sales as well as Marketing, I understand what it takes to convert a modern-day prospect into a paying customer. I believe in being a Go-Giver. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster, Global Shaper, Public Speaker, Blogger, and Content Consultant for Startups.

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