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Last Updated on November 15, 2023

All around words like “Doomsday”, “apocalypse”, “the final judgment”, “the end of the world” are doing the rounds like overly-zealous matrons of an old-fashioned girls dormitory. You cannot have a conversation without somebody bringing in the Mayan Calendar or Prophesies of Nostradamus or Planet X and what-have-you! So as 21st of December, 2012 looms before us, we wonder — is this the end? Is it really… it? Not sure, anyways a farewell and thank you from Mypromovideos!

If yes, we want to take this opportunity to thank you.

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We thank all the clients who have supported us thus far.

Special gratitude to that client who gave us our latest order….and paid us in advance, yesterday 🙂

We thank all the people who worked with us…the animators, the writers, the illustrators, the voice over artists….may your art flourish in the next world.

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We appreciate the three kittens and the tiny sparrow (or was it a coal tit? or tailorbird?) who visited our office and added adventure to our work day.

We thank our fellow video creators ( not using the word competitors, a nasty word to be using on the last day)….for making our lives that much more exciting and enriching us with their talent.

Thank you dear parents… we should have listened to you more.

And all you friends…because of you we disobeyed our parents but atleast we had some solid fun!

Thank you all those who loved us, who hated us…who made our lives full, either way.

Thank you family…thank you world.

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If the world ends tomorrow( just in case)….we want to end by saying thanks to all, it’s been a pleasure, the entire journey.

And if it doesn’t….

STAY TUNED  (we’ve something more to say tomorrow)!!!!

Let us know if you need a video, we are here to help.

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Vimida is a self-proclaimed writer and creative director who thinks that more than 10 years of writing makes her eligible for the Pulitzer or Nobel or “somesuchthing” (well, she’s doesn’t care much about names, it is the sentiments that matter, right?) She often uses her BA English Gold Medal and Symbiosis Mass Communication background to finish off arguments, if they’re not going in her favour. Not being satisfied with writing, she has now decided to interfere in Creative Direction as well. When not at work, she can be seen in the company of her son, who has the uphill task of making his mom grow up right. You can get in touch with her on Facebook, or Twitter, or any social platform, because she signs up for a new one each day. She has many blogs,but she rarely blogs, so the best place to catch her work will be our website.
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