5 Things you should know before you plan a Viral video

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Are you planning to create a video that will be viral on the internet?

Things you should know before you plan a Viral video. On the Valentine’s Day 2005 was born something that was about to change the entertainment world forever- Youtube. And with the growth of Youtube videos, a strange phenomenon began to take shape – viral videos. Double rainbows, kids biting each other, meowing cats, goats interrupting songs…the world was going bonkers over these videos!

Of course businesses were not far behind. They were waking up to the potential of these videos. And not just on youtube…videos were now hitting diverse audiences in a plethora of social platforms. Many brands were getting their videos to go viral too. But how? Why was it that some brands were getting their marketing just right while others were…well, just not taking off?? A lot of it depends on luck, but you know what if you do things right you really can improve your chances a helluva lot more. That’s where we segway into this article. (Phew!) There are a few basics you should have covered before you even BEGIN to think about a viral video.

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5 Things you should know before you plan a Viral video

Let’s start discovering what…

It all begins with understanding what your brand stands for. Sounds basic right? You’ll be surprised to know how many people don’t think about this elementary point. So find out, what is it- Freedom? Youth? Luxury? Equality? Passion? Perfection? Hardwork? Ask yourself and your colleagues the tough questions and do not start off without aligning yourself to the spirit of your brand.

(See? Even the big guy had to do it!)

2nd Thing to know – DON’T SELL, PLEASE!

Okay, you have now reached a generation that is saturated with ads. Nobody wants to be SOLD to anymore. Viral videos work wonders here. But for people to get hooked and stay with you till the end and then share your video and love you- you have to make them feel connected. So just give your message, build the connect and just end with the logo of your brand. Nothing more, please!

(I know how wonderful it is, but just don’t talk about it.)

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You want a reaction out of your audience. You want to trigger them so that they remember the video and also share. See, there are three kinds of videos that immediately make people share- one that’s funny, one that’s motivation or one that’s emotional. Decide which route you want to take, if in doubt, take the help of your video agency for this.

(She gets it- she knows how to be memorable)

4th Thing to know – TUNE IT RIGHT

What kind tone do you have in mind? Will your target audience like it? Well, that’s important for ALL commercial videos. But when you factor in that they should have the potential to go viral, you are now treading a whole new ground. Because now it becomes important that every lay person understands it and is not bored by it. So don’t try to make it corporate-ish. Make it funny, or inspiring, or warm, or gentle, or wise, or childish- make it human !

(Aww…it’s all about the feels, right?)

5th & the last Thing to know – WHATCHA GONNA DO WITH THE VIDEO?

Do you have a plan? A video can go viral organically and that would be AWESOME, wouldn’t it ? But do you have any idea how many videos DON’T go viral? Yup, exactly. So you need to give it an extra push. Plan everything. When would be the right time to launch it? Can it focus on something trending? Where will you be sharing it? Can you get some major influencer to share it or even better, endorse it? How can you promote it even more so that it reaches maximum eyeballs?Even the best of videos can fail if this is not done properly.

(Even this kid has planned it!)

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