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Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Know About India…the series:

Well, if you follow our blogs closely, you’d know by now that most of our “smart” ideas start out as a casual discussion. As did this one. We were just discussing school times and stuff when suddenly someone mentioned something about Hindi being the National Language. When I pointed out that Hindi was not the National Language, most of the people seemed shocked. And this led to a prolonged discussion about the things we assume to be true about India but aren’t.

There’s actually quite a lot we do not know about this nation of ours. That sparked off an idea…if we were so ignorant, surely there were others like us, equally ignorant. So why not let the ignorants unite and try to spread some knowledge? We saw a series germinating…a series where we would tell you what we knew about India, which we felt many would not be aware of and then we’d ask you for your comments on what else we could create a video on. You could also shed light on some little known facts about India, enlightening us and others. And thus was born Know About India, a fun, explanatory series trying to spread knowledge.

And what better topic to start off the series, than the topic that sparked off the discussion?

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Is Hindi our national language?

Well, as it happens, Hindi is not the national language of India. Don’t believe us? Well, the Gujarat High Court thinks so. A Public Interest Litigation had been filed seeking direction to Central and State government to make it mandatory for manufacturers to print details of goods like price, ingredients, and date of manufacture in Hindi. But the court had asked whether there was any notification saying Hindi is India’s national language. As it happens, there was no notification to be found! It was concluded that Hindi was an Official language according to the constitution and as it declares English as an additional Official language , it cannot be constitutionally made compulsory to use Hindi in all manufactured goods.

And to think we always thought Hindi was our National Language! Others needed to know about this. When we created this video, we did not want to hurt the sentiments of speakers of any language. We have not created this video for, or against, Hindi, English or any other language for that matter. We just have been taught that Hindi is the National Language of India all our lives and we just wanted to bring to light the fact that it is factually incorrect. Our only aim is to create an urge to learn more about India, not blindly accept whatever is told to us.

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